blogger and instagrammer Monologue visited eastnor pottery and the flying potter to make a clay leaf in the autumn 2019

Say hello to Ramona! :)

Ramona publishes a blog (Monologue) and partner Aaron takes some cracking photos. The pair recently spent a weekend visiting the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean taking in the fresh air and sampling local attractions and restaurants. Check out Ramona’s blog to see where the couple went and marvel at Aaron’s fantastic photography.

If you’ve never been to the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean, particularly at this time of year, then pop it on your to do list. Thousands of visitors flock to the area to hike, cycle and stroll amongst the trees, marveling at the Autumnal colour.

You could even try your hand at the potter’s wheel or make a clay leaf tile whilst you are here ;)

pottery tiles made in the shape and colour of autumn leaves

autumnal pottery leaves made by children and painted in orange and red

Leaf peeping!?? no, neither had we! Apparently, it’s the informal term given to the viewing and photographing of the ‘Fall’ in the USA and Canada.

In celebration of the imminent and amazing Autumnal change to our own trees and shrubs in The Forest of Dean and Wye Valley, we are running clay modelling sessions on a seasonal theme.

‘Leaf Peeping!’ is the title and visitors to the Pottery during September, October and November will have the opportunity to make a clay leaf tile painted in a riot of Autumnal colour. You’ll leave your creation with us to fire and glaze for approx. one month, after which it will be available for collection from the Pottery. Don’t worry if you cant make the return trip, we’ll package and post your pottery masterpiece for an additional £5.

If you are looking for inspiration prior to your visit – get yourself to The Forest of Dean and get snapping those incredible shapes and colours!

Places cost £20 per person inclusive of all materials, firing and glazing. Sessions can be booked Tuesday – Saturday and start at 10am, 11.30am, 1.30pm and 3pm. Please email us or call 01531 633886 to book you place.

pottery tiles made in the shape and colour of autumn leaves

couple making pottery on the potter's wheel at eastnor pottery herefordshire

Over the past six months we’ve been running an occasional ‘Makersprofile’ series of Instagram posts featuring selected customers. If they are agreeable, we ask them three simple questions to accompany their photo:

  • What made you visit us today?
  • What was your favourite part of the session?
  • What do you do when you are not making pottery?

Helen & Dan (featured above) visited us in October 2018 and were great sports:

Q: What made you visit us today? H: We’re doing 40 new things before our 40th birthdays!!

Q: What made you visit us today? H: We’re doing 40 new things before our 40th birthdays!! This is number 2, our first new experience was a virtual reality escape room in Birmingham! I’ve never baked a cake, so that’s on the list too! D: We also plan on going to Disneyland Paris, and holding a new animal, like a koala bear or something!

Q: What was your favorite part? D: Watching Helen struggle haha H: Trying something outside of my comfort zone!! Q: Do you have any Hobbies? D: I’ve been doing martial arts for years now, since I was 13! I’ve punched in the face a lot. H: I’m a lecturer in travel and tourism – We love travelling as much as we can. We go to Vegas every year and have recently been to Bruges, Majorca and been on a Norwegian cruise! We have a budgie called Brain!