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Spot the stegosaurus

A raw glazed stegosaurus made by a child from Woodlands Infant School in Solihull Feb 2017This jurasic clay creation was made by a pupil from a reception class at Woodlands Infants School, Shirley in Solihull.

The #stegosaurus has been bisque fired and dipped in glaze, awaiting to have it’s feet wiped before its packed into the kiln for a second glaze firing. All the ‘white stuff’ will melt at 1080 degrees to form a smooth glassy surface revealing green, terracotta and sandstone colours.

A box of bisque clay dinos waiting to be glazed

Bisque fired dinosaurs waiting to be glazed and fired.

Green-man spotted in Woodlands

Pottery Tiles made with Eastnor Pottery and Woodlands Infant Primary School   Clay spiders crawling over tile panel piece with Eastnor Pottery

Jon the Potter is a regular artist in residence at Woodlands Infants School in Shirley, working with the two form entry year groups.

On the 18th October Jon made a timely trip to the school to help YR1 make autumn leaves for their impressive ceramic wall mural.

The children rolled out the clay tiles, shaped their leaf, added bugs, flowers and snails before painting their creations in russet browns and autumnal yellows and pinks.

Previously, the children had created an oak tree and with a fantastic ‘green-man’ aloft in the canopy. (above & below) The latest leafy tiles will be fired, glazed and mounted at the foot of the tree.

Ceramic Greenman made with Eastnor Pottery and Woodlands Infant School