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Hot potters

learn to make pottery at eastnor pottery beginers guide to making pottery on the pottery wheel at eastnor potteryTraditionally, June is a quiet month for our potter’s wheel weekends and one day workshops as the great British public’s attention is drawn towards the garden and other outside pursuits. Normally, we see a lull in the number of ‘would be potters’ and adjust the frequency of workshops accordingly. Not so this year! June has been as busy as any other month with hoards of participants beating a trail to our door.

We provide a complimentary lunch and participants have really enjoyed picnicking on the Pottery lawn in the Summer sunshine.

Here’s photo evidence of the potting public’s unwavering desire to make pottery in flaming June.

Potter’s wheel weekend 3&4 June 2017

Potter’s wheel weekend 10&11 June 2017

Potter’s wheel day 17 June 2017

Bucket list at the ready!

potterywheel workshop at Eastnor Pottery Feb 2017Making a pot on the potter's wheel at Eastnor Pottery & The Flying PotterTo make a pot on the potter’s wheel is one of those ‘I’ve always wanted to try that!’ activities. Here at Eastnor Pottery we pride ourselves on being a prime enabler for these aspirations and as a consequence, we see more than our fair share of first-timers take to the wheel.

Last Saturday was no exception. All x6 of our one day potter’s wheel participants had never experienced the wheel before.

After a morning of getting to grips with the ‘five easy steps’, the group was encouraged to scale up and make bigger pots. By the close everybody was astounded at the quality of their efforts. Well done everybody!