Jacob the Potter helping at Eastnor Castle making ceramic dinosaur heads

We spent five busy and rewarding days working in the fabulous courtyard at Eastnor Castle making collaborative, terracotta dinosuar heads.

The t-rex, triceratops and three raptors will be fired, photographed and splashed across all our social media channels in the coming months.

Each day we took a series of photographs documenting the Jurassic creativity:

Sunday 31 July

Monday 1 Aug

Tuesday 2 Aug

Wednesday 3 Aug

Elliot the potter with Eastnor Pottery producing clay dinosFamilies and Friends at Eastnor Castle making clay terracotta dinosaursadd to the ceramic dinosaur head at Eastnor Castle with Eastnor Pottery

Eastnor Pottery Team Photo after Mudrunner 2015Terribly sad that the 2015 Mudrunner Classic held in October was likely to be the last Mudrunner event held in Eastnor. Team Eastnor Pottery have taken part in the race nearly as long as we’ve been making the clay medals presented to those who actually make it to the finish line. We’ll be very sad to see it go and must congratulate Mudrunner organisers D3, on the magnificent job of facilitating the event over the past six years. #sad



Flower vases created by Eastnor Pottery for a 4th July 2015 wedding at Eastnor Castle Dont know how we did it but we somehow manged to make, fire and glaze these rather tasty flower vases inside 10 days!

A bride and groom who were tying the knot in the Castle wanted to gift their guests something special and unique to Eastnor. (I think we ticked all the boxes here!)

Before they could take them away, the vases were filled with beautiful blooms supplied by Oops a Daisy and displayed in the guest’s bedrooms.

Terracotta drain covers for Eastnor Castle made on the potters wheelWe like a challenge here at Eastnor Pottery.

Phil, one of the Estate workers asked if we could replace a broken pottery drain cover for one of the sewers in the Castle grounds. Those of you in the know will appreciate that clay does an awfull lot of shrinking, not only as it drys, but as it’s fired in the kiln as well. It’s not uncommon for certain types of clay to undergo a 20% reduction in size from soft squidgy stuff to fired ceramic.

In order to get a good fit, Ethan made several lids on the potter’s wheel with varying diameters and thicknesses. We are hoping that at least one will do the job – we’ll let you know the outcome…dont go away now!

We may have entered the shooting season but guns most definitely will not be encouraged to take pot shots at these handsome pottery game birds currently sheltering in the Pottery garden.

Collaborative clay sculpture created by Eastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter and visitors to Eastnor Castle 3-7 August 2014Five amazing collaborative fowl were created by families who visited Eastnor Castle during the Summer Holidays.

Each year the Castle invites us to run a week long residency in the Castle Courtyard where visitors drop by and work together on large composite forms.

Everybody lends a hand to coil whatever we decide to make by layering long snakes of clay on top of each other. The surface is then smoothed off and individual clay models added to the form. This Summer, participants contributed pheasant feathers, each one decorated in an individual fashion based upon personal interests. I reckon we must have worked with over 1000 people, young and old during the week!

The five birds will go on display in The Priory Cleaners window in Ledbury high street from Friday 17th October. Participants who took part in the workshops are urged to drop by the dry cleaners window to see if they can spot their clay contribution.

More pheasant photos.