The great  ‘Sensational Clay’ sell off – 12th August 2015 – Bilston Craft Gallery Garden Festival

touchy feely ceramics by Herefordshire artist potter Jon WilliamsThrown pots made from brick clay designed for gallery visitors to playInteractice pottery as part of Sensational Clay exhibition by Jon Williams






I’m looking to sell all the exhibits from my solo, touring exhibition ‘Sensational Clay’ at a one off event – The Garden Festival at Bilston Craft Gallery in the West Midlands.

I’ll be offering all the pieces at a fraction of their original value, in fact everything will be priced between a bargain £5 and £30 – everything must go!

For those who didn’t have the opportunity to visit the exhibition in one of five venues across the West Midlands and beyond, missed out on an extravaganza of fired ceramic designed to stimulate the five senses. All the exhibits were made with visitor interaction in mind and as well as being accessible to touch, there were aromatic pieces, musical rattle pots and sculptural curios inspired by food and drink.

Sensational Clay was first exhibited at Bilston Craft Gallery in the Summer of 2011. The show proved so popular with  it’s intended family audience, the Gallery suggested it be offered to other venues as a touring resource. It went on to be exhibited at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester, Tulie House Museum & Art gallery in Carslile, Worcester City Museum & Art Gallery before it’s last outing at Leamington Spa Art Gallery in Warwickshire.

The Garden Festival starts at 2pm and is due to finish at 5pm but do hurry as the work won’t be around for long!

Robinswood DrawingsI’ve recently been facilitating workshops with different groups in and around Cirencester. These sessions have been connected with my solo exhibition, Sensational Clay currently on show in the gallery space at New Brewery Arts. On Monday and Thursday I had the pleasure of working with Yr4 students from Robinswood primary school in Gloucester.

The children were split into two groups. I Worked with half the group in Russ’ ceramic studio at the Arts Centre, exploring their ‘Alive alive oh’ cross curricular theme.  We made some lovely pinch-pot mini-beasts and animals in coil-pot habitats.

The other half of the group visited the exhibition with exhibition’s officer Aderyn, an artist printmaker in her own right. The children were encouraged to make, touch and play with the exhibits as well as making observational drawings. The pencil sketches were amazing and I’ve posted a few examples on our facebook page.

kids pottery workshops at brewery arts gallery cirencester led by jon williams from eastnor pottery and the flying potterSpent a day sharing the delights of working with clay with youngsters at New Brewery Arts Gallery in Cirencester. Using my exhibition ‘Sensational Clay’ as inspiration we made models and sculptures selecting basic hand-building pottery techniques.

The children took their creations away on the day to paint at home.

My exhibition comes to an end at the gallery on April 29th.

jon williams solo exhibition of interactive ceramics at new brewery arts cirencesterOnce a month creatives in and around Cirencester meet up in the evening at The New Brewery Arts to network and enjoy a good cuppa. Last night, in my capacity as the Gallery’s featured artist I gave a talk about my career and influences. Artist and lecturer Richard Webb interviewed me in front of a select gathering of local artists.

Having been asked to comment on my earliest encounters with clay, I recalled the story of hurling lumps of sticky mud on the end of sticks at next door neighbours brick wall, totally fascinated at the adhesive properties (they stayed up there for weeks!)

Big thank you to Roger, who gave a name to this activity – pugsticks! He’d had fun as a boy throwing ‘pugsticks’ at his mates – nice!

interactive ceramic exhibition by jon williams opening event and pottery workshops at new brewery arts cirencesterThose of you who didn’t get to see my multi sensory solo show of ceramics at The Bilston Craft Gallery in the Summer have a second chance at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester.

Have just returned from a wonderful opening event where over 200 visitors got to play on my ceramic drum pots, smell the scented sculptures and of course play with some clay. I enjoyed meeting and working with every single one of you! Have a look at some of the photos!

Sensational Clay runs untill 29th April.