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Ice drawing

look what jack frost can do when hes feeling creative at eastnor pottery herefordshireWhen the temperature plummets into the minuses, mother nature and Jack frost get to work on our windows at the Pottery,  covering the paynes with spectacular drawings and effects. Something very art nouveau about this years offering.

A Feathery Tune!

There’s something very musical when the swifts and swallows congrigate on the telegraph wires outside the Pottery. Each year, I always consider taking a photo of the birds but never get around to it!

Full Bloom

The Pottery looks so nice this time of year, I thought I would take a few snaps of the exterior. The building used to be a domestic dwelling, before being derelict for some 15 years. The previous tennants must have been keen gardeners – when we cleared the weeds we discovered all sorts of plants and hardy annuals that flower year after year.