It’s English Tourism Week! :D

In the unlikely event you need another reason to come and make pots with us, here’s a whistle stop tour of our idyllic Herefordshire village. 

The deer park at Eastnor, a path with field and trees

wooden castle gate with a woodland path behind

black and gold gates leading to eastnor castle with driveway path behindeastnor village triangle wooden with brick rooflandscape view of eastnor pottery and estate office with church yard in the foreground


young girl playing with toy rabbit on a potter's wheel

Unconventional use of the potter’s wheel, but we love it!



spring daffs at eastnor pottery

We love our Eastnor Pottery garden all year round, although, it looks particularly inspiring when the daffs are out.

Here’s a little video clip to lift the spirits! :)

iron age clay round house made by yr4 at finstall first school and jon the potter

collaborative totem pole sections made by jon the potter from eastnor pottery and meadows first school

Spent the week before the October half term heading North up the M5 into Bromsgrove, where I had the pleasure and privilege working with children and staff at two of the town’s First Schools.

Monday and Tuesday were spent at Meadows First School working on a whole school project making a ‘Well Being’ totem pole. Once it’s fired, the terracotta sculpture will be installed in the school’s well being garden in the school grounds.

clay totem pole made on one of the flying potter's visit to meadows first school in bromsgrove

Although the project was a collaborative one with each child in the school contributing to the whole, it didn’t stop a YR2 pupil designing and making her own personal interpretation:

On Wednesday I headed across town at Finstall First School making Iron Age houses with YR4 and oak leaf tiles with Reception class.

iron age clay round house made by yr4 at finstall first school and jon the potter

I’ve worked with both schools over a number of years and have become a regular activity at both. I love my visits to the Bromsgrove schools and sometimes get to encounter the same children. It’s great to see they develop their ideas and creativity year on year.

Just to let all you lovely people know, we’re closed on Saturday 31st August 2019 

Sorry for any inconvenience caused and we are back open for more clay fueled fun on Tuesday 3rd Sept.