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Jon the Potter St Thomas legacy

Terracotta collaborative plant pot in BirminghamFor the past 10 years or so I ‘ve been working regularly with the wonderful staff and visitors at St Thomas Children’s Centre in Birmingham.

The Centre boasts quite a collection of pots and ceramic curios made with participants of all ages and abilities and whilst I was there a few weeks ago, I took the opportunity to photograph a few of them in situ.

Clay babies at St Thomas

pottery sessions for new parents and their children at st thomas childrens centre led by jon the potter from eastnor potteryPerhaps the youngest pottery participants I have the pleasure of working with are from the New Parents group that meet at St Thomas Children’s Centre in Birmingham.

Children as young as 3 months get their very first potter’s wheel experience, often displaying great levels of concentration and enjoyment.

The parents really value the sessions and take full advantage of the opportunity to make clay impressions of their children’s hands and feet….and get the chance to throw the odd pot on the wheel themselves!

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