thrown and carved bowl made by work experience student at eastnor pottery

hereford college of art student doing undertaking work experience at eastnor potteryOnce or twice a year we liaise with local high schools and colleges offering students work experience placements here at the Pottery.

Putu is a student at Hereford College of Arts currently studying on their Extended Diploma in Art and Design. She joined us recently to experience our busy little creative business first hand.

As well as assisting with our classes and courses, Putu had the opportunity to make her own ceramic work incorporating some of the themes and ideas she’s exploring on her course. Weaving is a process she’s particularly interested in and subsequently had a go at weaving clay. Nice work Putu!

weaved clay work by hca work experience student at eastnor potterypot thrown on potters wheel and decorated at eastnor pottery by hca student on work experience

weaved clay bowlthrown and carved bowl made by work experience student at eastnor pottery



lady with a mask on sat at a potters wheel holding up wooden board containing 2 pots she has thrown

Lauren, a student at Hereford Art College (HCA) joined us for a week of work experience.

As well as joining one of our Introduction to the Potter’s Wheel classes, she assisted with glazing, packaging customers work and re-claiming clay.

Lauren is considering a career in ceramics and was considering applying to Cardiff Metropolitan University to study the craft. Here’s her art Instagram account.

lady with a mask on sat at a potters wheel holding up wooden board containing 2 pots she has thrown

a green jug, green and purple pot and an unpainted ceramic dish on a wooden board

leaning tower of pisa pot painted

Meet Katie Glover new apprentice

We’re as pleased as punch to welcome Katie to the team. Hurrah!

Katie’s our new and talented Junior Content Producer Apprentice and is being trained in collaboration with Creative Alliance in Birmingham. One of her first tasks here at the Pottery was to write an introduction for our website:

“After completing my BA Hons in Textile Design in 2020 at Falmouth University, I wasn’t sure not what to do next. With months of uncertainty, I was offered an apprenticeship as a Junior Content Producer with Eastnor Pottery. I’d completed a week of work experience at the Pottery in the summer of 2019. I remembered my time being filled with potting skills, beautiful scenery, camaraderie and lots of laughter. How could I turn down a chance to work with Jon and Sarah again!?

Illustration is at the heart of my practice. During lockdown I have set up in business as a freelance designer. I have an Etsy shop selling a range of products including, amongst other things, cards, prints and stickers. My role as Junior Content Producer involves promoting fabulous courses and classes the Pottery offers. I’ll be getting to grips with their social media and promotional material, capturing the customers experience.

After the apprenticeship, I will have the confidence and skills to further pursue my career in the arts. Although illustration will always play apart, working as a junior content producer will provide me with a variety of new tools and skills. I am sure my time at the Pottery will be a fantastic learning experience and tremendous fun!

Below are some examples of my work including some pots I made during my work experience at the Pottery in 2019.”

Pot illustrated painted with seals and waterSelection of small animal and drinks themed cardsleaning tower of pisa pot paintedleaning tower of pisa pot written text wonky potselection of prints cats and dogs framed and unframed

clay handmade campervan painted green on grass with flowers in the background

textile artist katie glover degree show pieces 2020

This time last year we were entering a phase of extreme busyness with classes, workshops and pottery events taking place not only here at the Pottery but out in the wider community. Eastnor Pottery and the Flying Potter could be found in two or three different venues across the West Midlands, all on the same day.

To fulfill the seasonal demand, we employed a select team of undergraduate and casual workers to help share the clay love.

Say hello to Katie!

textile artist katie glover degree show pieces 2020

Katie worked for us last Summer having completed a week of work experience with us in the Spring. At the time, she was a 2nd year student on a BA Hons Textiles course in Falmouth. Katie has now graduated with a 2:1! Well done Katie :) What with her creativity and positive attitude, she has an exciting future ahead of her.

All the photos featured are from her final ‘degree show’ project.

“For part of my final project in third year I took a humorous approach to the classic British holiday, delving in to the weird yet wonderful world of British culture and how it translates abroad. producing a wide variety of works to accompany this intriguing topic ranging from jacquard weaving, illustration, graphic art and embroidery. As a graduate, I hope to expand my digital business and become a key part of the ever growing graphic industry.”

textile art by katie glover

textile art by katie glover

This is what she had to say about working at Eastnor Pottery.

“Upon my first day I was welcomed with open arms and delved in to many different learning experiences from customer service, postage and packaging, glazing, throwing pots and not forgetting many teas and coffees! The pottery is beautiful setting inspiring creativity and positive environment for all the activities they offer. Jon and Sarah’s enthusiasm and support helped me to become more confident in the world of work and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience! I am truly grateful for the opportunity they gave me to be a small part of their wonderful business and everything I learnt whilst working there.”


p/t pottery assistant at eastnor pottery and the flying potter

p/t pottery assistant at eastnor pottery and the flying potterJob Title: P/T Pottery Studio Assistant

Job description: Front of house – meeting, greeting and chatting with customers, cleaning, organising and maker of a mean cuppa coffee!

Q1 What do you like doing when you are not working at the Pottery?

I like to dance and play sport because I find it exciting and very enjoyable

Q2 What is your favourite song of all time and why?

I Want It That Way by the Back Street Boys (tell me why!!! 😂)

Q3 What is your favourite drink?

Pepsi Max

Q4 What is your favourite cheese?

Has to be Cheddar because its a classic

Q5 How many pairs of shoes do you own?

17 and I wear the same pair every day.

Q6 If you were an animal what would it be?

It would be fitting to be a Blue Tang fish like Dory (Finding Nemo) because I am also very forgetful.