different shaped terracotta pots in foreground with pottery studio in the background

A couple of recent messages from participants who just had the best time ever on our Potter’s Wheel Courses and Classes… Safe to say we think they may have caught the bug!

“I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your guidance and for the course on Saturday.  I really really loved it, and got so much out of it, so thank you both and to Ellie too.  I’ll definitely be recommending your courses to my friends and colleagues.  I loved the course so much so, that I really would like to keep going with it, and want to buy my own wheel.  You mentioned that there were good wheels on amazon; would you be able to give me some advice on which one to buy/places where I could buy a second hand wheel?  I also wondered if there was a supplier you’d recommend to buy extra bits and pieces and clay? I’m going to find a place locally so that I can continue my learning and develop the skills I learnt on Saturday! Thanks so much, again.” Kenny

“I had a taster session with you in December and loved it! so much that I’ve bought myself a wheel! but I wanted to ask what clay we used please? I have no idea what to buy and its only for fun to start with, I won’t be using a kiln but I remembered you saying that it would air dry”  Jess

Thank you Kenny & Jess and we look forward to seeing your studio pottery careers blossom!