Great group session at Eastnor Pottery in the final weeks of summerThese guys are our kinda people! Most of them had worked in or are currently involved with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in Hereford & Worcester.

The group of friends instantly felt at ease in the creative environment of the potter’s studio, working the clay on the potter’s wheel before decorating their thrown pots with applied clay detail.

The very next day the lead contact emailed the Pottery to thank Ethan, Sarah and Jack for their hospitality and tutoring. This is what she had to say about their pottery experience:

Thank you SO much for a fabulous potters wheel workshop on Saturday afternoon. We all really really loved it and it made a wonderful ending to my 60th birthday celebrations. We all felt Ethan was a brilliant teacher on the potters wheel (and considering 8 of the 9 of us were teachers we know what we’re talking about!!) As for Andrew, the non-teacher, it really made my day to see him looking so happy and relaxed on the potters’ wheel and enjoying every minute of the workshop. Thank you Sarah for demonstrating the decorating so beautifully – and for helping me out on the wheel several times! 

Thank you Ethan and Sarah for enabling us all to succeed….and for giving us extra time to get our decoration done. I really appreciated that. We were all having so much fun and so absorbed we didn’t want it to end!