Clay is a fantastic medium to explore and develop creativity. It’s a natural material, universally inclusive and reacts to the touch, no matter how slight the intervention. Through positive facilitation, we offer a variety of experiential learning opportunities with transferable benefits to life & work.

  • Creative Development – Pottery is an excellent vehicle for creative exploration. The workshops provide a low-risk, fun environment for individuals to experiment, discover hidden talents and excel in a new way.
  • Teambuilding – A fantastic teambuilding exercise exploring collaboration and communication. Participants work together to produce a ceramic sculpture or wall panel. Previous clients have produced a corporate animal or a company coat of arms. The artwork is taken away to be fired and glazed before being returned to the client. Once installed in the workplace the masterpiece serves as a permanent reminder of what can be achieved by effective teamwork.
  • Special Needs – No matter of age or ability or how ever slight the intervention, participants are always able to make their mark. This makes clay such a fantastic medium for people with special & additional needs to work with. Artist Jon Williams has considerable experience of working with children and adults with a variety of disabilities.
  • Away Days – Making a pot on the potter’s wheel is one of those ‘I’ve always wanted to do’ activities. This fun session offers the opportunity to do just that!
pottery away days at Eastnor Pottery, Herefordshire or a venue of your choice

Away Days

creative development sessions at Eastnor Pottery, Herfordshire or a venue of your choice

Creative Development

Pottery sessions for special events at a venue of your choice

Special Events

pottery team building sessions at Eastnor Pottery or a venue of your choice