Team building

A fantastic team building exercise exploring collaboration and communication, designed to promote positive relationships in the workplace.

Team Photo of Hereford Heating at Eastnor Pottery after teambuilding workshop

These bespoke, experiential, hands on sessions for businesses and organisations can be experienced at our idyllic studio on the Eastnor Castle Estate. If you are unable to visit us in Herefordshire, our mobile ‘Flying Potter’ service can deliver the Eastnor Pottery experience anywhere…..and it’s not as messy as you first may think. We provide plenty of floor/table coverings and will leave your venue as clean and tidy as we found it.

The benefits

Collaboration. Participants work together to produce a clay sculpture or tile panel. It might be a company coat of arms or a corporate animal – the possibilities for a bespoke ceramic outcome are endless. Everybody works towards a common goal that everybody has had a hand in making.

Communication. The collaborative nature of the workshop means that participants are in constant dialogue with each other, interacting and exchanging ideas.

Permanent reminder. The finished artwork and the collaborative manner in which it was produced fosters a sense of pride and shared ownership amongst your team. Once the session has concluded, the creation is fired, glazed and returned to the client approx. one month later. Once installed in the workplace the masterpiece serves as a permanent reminder of what can be achieved by effective teamwork.

Learn a new skill. The opportunity to try something new is a valuable one. 3D and hand skills are important to wider seeing, thinking and learning. Clay is the perfect vehicle for to explore these essential elements.

New ways of thinking There is no such thing as a clay mistake, just happy and creative accidents. Participants are encouraged to see the positive implications of their creative output and decision making.

Individual contribution. The workshops are structured to nurture respect for each other’s ideas and work. New skills are discovered and hidden talents revealed. Participants develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of their colleagues which can better promote positive relationships when the client returns to the workplace.

Presenting. At certain points during the session, participants are encouraged to present their ideas and creative offerings to the rest of the group. This helps develop presentation skills as well as the giving and managing of criticism.

The Clay Crest Challenge

Ceramic crest produced on a teambuilding session with The Flying PotterA unique and creative team building solution where participants work collaboratively to produce a company coat of arms.

This two and a half hour session works exceptionally well with 20-30 participants. Great as an evening ‘breakout’ activity!

Following the ice-breaking demonstration, participants are split into smaller groups – each group responsible for a separate section of the coat of arms. There are four potter’s wheels (one for each group) and each participant has a go to produce a thrown element for their team’s design.

After colouring the wet clay, the sections are brought together and each group has the opportunity to present their ideas to the others. Constructive critism is encouraged and individual contributions acknowledged.

The work is then taken away to be fired, glazed, professionally mounted and couriered to an address of your choice. The theme is usually work-based with each section of the coat of arms assigned a word or concept.

We have worked with

Eastnor Pottery and The Flying Potter team building with Jaguar LandroverEastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter team building with BMI Healthcare

Eastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter team building with National TrustEastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter team building with PricewaterhousecoopersEastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter team building with Unilever





Eastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter team building with BT

Eastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter team building with MITIE


Eastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter team build with Mira Showers





Eastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter team build with SC JohnsonEastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter team building with G4SEastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter team building with Delcam





Cost & how to book

Cost is dependant on numbers, length of session and where the experience is going to take place. Please contact Eastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter to discuss your specific requirements and ideas.

A happy customer

“ Excellent team building exercise & to learn new skills. Very relaxing and complete change to a normal working day…very inspirational – excellent Lunch as well!”

examples of team building workshops

Fantastic tiles made at Eastnor Pottery by Mira Teambuilding participants Collaborating for Autodesk tile panelCreative clay & pottery session for pharmaceutical company Mira Showers at Eastnor Pottery for teambuild


Participant focuses on painting their creation Teambuilding clay tree with Eastnor PotteryParticipants enjoyed working on pottery tree pieces for celebrationBMI Corporate Coat of Arms finished (small)eastnor pottery and the flying potter offer potter's wheel sessions for business and corporate clients pottery break out session for senior management meeting at the cotswold conference centre broadway led by eastnor pottery and the flying potter creative development workshop sessions led by artist jon williams from eastnor pottery & the flying potter Teambuilding Workshops, Eastnor Pottery, Herefordshire