It wasn’t just Jon out and about last week, both Sarah and Gemma were also delivering sessions in schools. Sarah worked with Simon De Montfort School in Evesham, to produce a giant terracotta wall clock. Gemma worked with Holywell Primary in Rubery as part of an Eco project with four North Worcestershire schools – more details to follow!

A few weeks ago, Gemma returned to Riverside Primary School in Hereford. The sixty reception age children that she worked with throughout the day were encouraged to get their hands dirty using messy clay play.

The children had fun painting a piece of clear perspex with clay slip, and sticking bits of clay on to make designs. Although some of them were hesitant to begin with, it wasn’t long before they got stuck in and started to paint their hands with the lovely slip as shown in this picture!

“This is awesome!”. Just one of the many comments during the day.

‘Tis mud sculpture season again! On this occasion Jon helped Key Stage One children at St Mary’s Primary School in Evesham construct an earth sofa in their grounds.

The school supplied a roll of turf that provided instant greenery – the darker green ‘rug’ in front of the sofa was a happy accident, created when the mixing tray was lifted, revealing the untrodden grass beneath.

The children loved mixing the mud/clay/water/straw gloop and really really enjoyed getting their hands proper dirty!