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A project in mind

From time to time, customers arrive here at Eastnor Pottery with a definate idea of what they want to produce in clay. We love a challenge and will always try to accomodate their design ideas.

A brother and sister make a pottery piggy bank and wheel thrown mug at Eastnor Pottery as their Christmas present

These guys were set on making a piggy bank and a mug – job done!

A potter's wheel pot turned into a giraffe by a creative child at Eastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter

This young lady on the right was intent on making a giraffe, even if her chosen method of production was the potter’s wheel. Again, we hope you will agree, she proper nailed it!

Love Pottery!

Kids pottery workshops in Feb 1/2 term 2017

Children’s pottery workshops in 1/2 term. Wed 15 & Wed 22 Feb 2017.

We’re delighted to announce details of our fun, creative and valentines themed children’s workshop sessions scheduled for the February half term holidays.

#LovePottery is the working title and youngsters will get to sample the delights of the potter’s wheel as well as learning other clay modeling techniques.

The workshops, designed for children as young as 4 years take place on two consecutive Wednesdays to incorporate the different ½ term holidays planned by Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire educational authorities. 15th Feb for Hereford & Gloucester and 22nd Feb for Worcester so hopefully, no one will miss out.

Participants will be able to make a clay sculpture inspired by something they hold dear to their heart. It doesn’t have to be an individual, it could be an animal, vegetable or mineral! Seriously though, the children’s artwork could be based upon a computer game, favorite sport or a much loved pet.

The children’s creations will be fired and ready for collection from the Pottery approx. one month later.

1.5 hr sessions commence at 11.30am and 2pm and are tailored for two age groups. 4-8yrs in the mornings and 9-12yrs in the afternoons. Although, these age ranges are not strictly adhered to as younger and older siblings are always welcome to participate on either session.

Places cost £15 per head with a 10% discount for x3 or more places booked. Telephone and email booking essential: Tel: 01531 633886 e: admin@eastnorpottery.co.uk

Hubble Bubble!

Children's October Halfterm Pottery Session PosterChildren’s October ½ term Holiday Pottery Sessions

‘Hubble Bubble’

Wed 26 Oct 2016

It feels like only yesterday the children returned to school after the long Summer break, but already we’re busy cooking up fun and creative things for youngsters to do in the fast approaching October ½ term.

This time, ‘Hubble Bubble’ is the topical theme for the sessions scheduled for 26th October in half term.

Participants aged 4yrs+ will have the opportunity to model a pottery cauldron filled with toe-curling clay ingredients. Poisoned entrails, eye of newt, toe of frog – that sort of thing. We’re certain the children will make Shakespeare very proud indeed! The youngsters will also paint their creations with ghoulish slips and ghastly under-glaze colours.

The resulting work will be left here at the Pottery to be dried, fired and glazed, ready for collection a few weeks later.

The 1.5 hr workshop sessions are designed to suit two age groups, (4-8yrs at 11.30am and 9-12yrs at 2pm) although younger or older siblings will never be turned away from either session. Places cost £15 per child (with a 10% discount for x3 or more places booked) and can only be reserved by telephoning 01531 633886 or email admin@eastnorpottery.co.uk

Terracotta T-REX!

Terracotta Trex made by families at Eastnor Castle with help from Eastnor PotteryFour magnificent terracotta dinosaur heads have emerged from the primeval mire here at Eastnor Pottery.

The artworks were co-created by Families who visited Eastnor Castle in the Summer holidays, crafted from terracotta clay, a material as old as the dinosaurs themselves!

Each Summer holiday, we are invited by Eastnor Castle to run a week long residency in the Castle Courtyard. Visitors work together on large composite forms. In the past, giant pheasants, Daleks and owls have all been immortalised in ceramic. This year the potting participants worked on a T-Rex, Triceratops and x2 Velociraptors.

Everybody lent a hand to ‘coil’ the dinosaur body by layering long snakes of clay on top of each other. The surface is then smoothed off and individual dinosaur scales added to the form. We encourage the children and grown-ups to make highly decorated scales encrusted with whatever takes their fancy! For example, If you take a close look at T-rex you will spot a rose, ladybird and a potato waffle amongst hundreds of other designs.

We reckon we must have worked with over 1000 people, young and old during the week, all contributing a mini work of art covering the pre-historic beasts.

The four dino-heads are currently here at the Pottery and participants who took part in the workshops at the castle are invited to drop by to see if they can spot their contribution. We are open Tues – Saturday 10am – 4pm.

Don’t worry if you can’t visit the Pottery as there are some photographs of the fired pieces on the Pottery’s FaceBook page.

Triceratops made it into The Hereford Times!

Prehistoric clay

Jacob the Potter helping at Eastnor Castle making ceramic dinosaur heads

We spent five busy and rewarding days working in the fabulous courtyard at Eastnor Castle making collaborative, terracotta dinosuar heads.

The t-rex, triceratops and three raptors will be fired, photographed and splashed across all our social media channels in the coming months.

Each day we took a series of photographs documenting the Jurassic creativity:

Sunday 31 July

Monday 1 Aug

Tuesday 2 Aug

Wednesday 3 Aug

Elliot the potter with Eastnor Pottery producing clay dinosFamilies and Friends at Eastnor Castle making clay terracotta dinosaursadd to the ceramic dinosaur head at Eastnor Castle with Eastnor Pottery

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