I split my Tuesday between two Birmingham Children’s Centres in the city. Surestart Soho was my first port of call. It was the first time I’d worked at the centre, so I introduced myself to the families by way of an interactive potter’s wheel demonstration. The resulting pot turned into a collaborative spider sculpture with all the participants modelling an eight-legged beastie to go onto the piece.

Once I’d packed up, it was a quick dash across town to the St Thomas Centre, for their popular ‘Stay and Play’ session.

It always gives me great pleasure to be back at the St Thomas Children’s Centre. This time I enjoyed working with families at the Centre’s hugely popular ‘Stay and Play’ session. The gang were painting pebbles, so we all had a go at producing pebble pots to put them in.

I’m always glad to have help clearing up at the end of the session… This young participant cleared up all the clay, tools and water into this inverted kettle drum – what a superstar!

Reby constructed this fantastic Thomas the Tank Engine for her son Jaden – the piece was made over a series of family workshops held at a Children’s Centre in Birmingham.