Miniature houses provided the theme for the latest of Jon’s workshops with the fathers group at the St Thomas Children’s Centre in Birmingham.
Participants were introduced to the slab building technique, using card templates and flat sheets of clay to construct their buildings.

Jon returned to the St Thomas Children’s Centre to work with the father’s group and their children.
The Dads brought their offspring along and considering the huge age range of children, (2yrs to 16yrs) they all worked alongside each other in perfect harmony. Everybody accessed the clay in so many different ways depending upon their age and experience. Clay is so inclusive!

Having just a few hours to catch his breath from his Cambridge exploits, The Flying Potter was on the road again. This time, destination St Thomas Centre in Birmingham.

Followers of this blog will know that Jon has been working with different groups from the Centre for some considerable time. On Saturday it was the turn of the dads and their children to work with the clay. A healthy turn-out and a mixed age range of children meant for a lively and creative session. As well as experiencing the potter’s wheel, the participants made and decorated coilpots, which once fired and glazed will be returned to the families.

The Monday Magic Group was at full capacity when Jon delivered his final pottery session.

Coincidentally, some of the parents are participants in a Bright Space project encouraging families to attend cultural events in and around Birmingham.

One of the mums was so impressed by her two cultural encounters so far that she spoke eloquently for 15 minutes about her experience to the rest of the group – a real advocate!

Jon was moved to investigate a couple of websites that she had recommended. So, if you’re looking for something to do at half term in the city then take a look at the Barber Institute and the Ikon gallery.

There’s a group of adults who meet regularly at the St Thomas Centre on a Monday morning. The session is known as ‘Monday Magic’. Jon had the pleasure of working with them again early this week.

The group is made up of individuals from a range of cultures and different backgrounds, lots of stories and anecdotes are shared. Apparently, in India the child is sometimes compared to ‘the clay’, and the parents are ‘the potters’. Parenting is all about carefully ‘shaping’ the clay and allowing the pot to ‘grow’ and develop form, so eventually hands can be withdrawn and the elegant vessel can stand alone…nice metaphor!