Jon has been providing pottery workshops for the Three Counties Agricultural Society for the best part of a decade. Over the years, a loyal following of clay enthusiasts has developed. Participants seek out the ‘Eastnor Pottery’ stand with increasing regularity. There are the Spring Gardening groupies, the Three Counties fans and of course the Autumn Gardening Show fanatics! Some punters make a B-line for the Pottery tent at all three events!  

This year families helped to construct a giant collaborative apple and pear. Once they’re fired we’ll pop some photos up on our Facebook page.



Disappointing news – We had no less than three of our little lidded pots stolen from their hiding places during wed opening hours…(what!)
If you saw anybody struggling under the weight of a bulging rucksack at closing time on Wednesday at the Castle, please get in contact!
In the remaining nine pots we discovered these little goodies.

Photo from Monday 26th July:

9 out of 12 discovery pots were ‘sprung’. Items made included squirel, bees, dogs, leaves and animal heads. Someone made a mini castle – very cute!

These little clay items were found in our discovery pots at the end of Sunday 25th Aug. Can you see your creation?

+ another photo from the clay workshops in the Yurt on the lower terrace.