clay gruffalow made by a talented member of staff at brearley & teviot nursery school birminghamAn amazing clay gruffalo skillfully made by administator extroardinaire Marie from the fab Brearley & Teviot Nursery School in Birmingham.

It took Marie just 15mins during her break to create this masterpiece during a mad busy open day at the Children’s Centre.

I was stationed on the playground throwing pots with parents and children.

Brearley Owl

Lovely to be back at the incredibly creative early years establishment that is Brearley and Teviot Nursery School in Birmingham. I have spent the last couple of sessions working in Green & Blue rooms, introducing the children to clay and simple hand tools.

The session starts with a full sized, unopened bag of clay positioned in the middle of the table. Once the grey mass has been revealed the children work their magic, using their creativity and imagination to take the material in all kinds of directions.

Stories are told and narratives are played out with every session a unique experience. The owl (above) became a forest of lolly pops & ice creams, a mobile phone, several birthday cakes and best of all a comedy nose & moustache combo!

I love my job!

A collaborative animal created by staff from a birmingham nursery schoolTwenty five teaching staff from Brearley & Teviot Nursery School in Birmingham visited the studio a few weeks ago for a spot of pottery teambuilding.

The staff were split into four sub-groups and were encouraged to ‘play’ with pencils, paper, and the coilpot technique – each group reaching a concensus on what to make.

Four magnificent terracotta beasts were constructed – each one a hybrid of several animals or inspired by the children’s interests.

The finished pieces will be hidden at strategic places around the school grounds for the children to discover amongst the bushes and shrubs.

Collaborative Clay Coilpot,   Eastnor PotteryThis magnificent collaborative coil pot was made by parents and children attending Brearley & Teviot Nursery open day 2011.

Other attractions included a police car, complete with officers and their sniffer dogs, a fire engine, bouncy castle and face-painting.

Collecting different surfaces and textures in clay is an activity I’ll often use as a way to start a learning journey. The children at Brearley & Teviot Nursery in Birmingham gathered little gems from the far flung corners of the playground, arranging them on boards back at base.