Friday For the third year running we’ve supplied clay workshops at the Big Chill. This year we were in the Body & Soul area again, inviting Big Chiller’s to indulge in a bit of potter’s wheel therapy.

Lottie (pictured here) proved to be a valuable and enthusiastic secretary, taking bookings and looking after clients.

Hurrah! Big Chill time of the year again – we love it! Here are a selection of photos and blog entries – and what about the weather!!! Fantastic weekend.

ThursdayChannel Four and Warp films, made a successful attempt to break the world record for the most number of Zombie film extras in one shot. Festival goers congregated in front of the main stage, all made up as the living dead, and ready to ‘star’ in the film ‘ I Spit on Your Rave!’ Noel Fielding stars in the film and led proceedings from the stage. 


Our three kids certainly entered into the spirit and spent an enjoyable afternoon shredding clothes and throwing red paint at each other…..and us!



Collaborative ‘Love pots’ from Big Chill 2007. Can you find your heart?!
The festival season is now in full swing, and we are extremely fortunate to have take place here in Eastnor Deer Park.

For the last couple of years, we have provided a variety of clay workshop sessions as part of the event. This year we’ll be pitching our pea green potting tent in the ‘Body and Soul’ field – offering punters the opportunity to make pots on the potter’s wheel. 1/2 hr workshop sessions will take place throughout the festival – on site, pre-booking is essential! Come up and see us or call 07814730022, when you’ve arrived in Eastnor.