Earlier this week we took delivery of four lovely new foot-powered potter’s wheels. I intend to offer festival goers at this year’s Big Chill the opportunity to make pots in a sustainable-powered fashion!…Bring on the chill!

4.30 Monday morning in the Big Chill, dismantling the tent and packing up the wheels. 9.30 am, setting up stall across the road in the Castle grounds, ready to deliver five days of workshops for their summer visitors. 



Janee, the chief organiser of the Body & Soul area said she had never done any potting on the wheel before: pull the other one Janee!


It’s a bit like riding a bicycle, making pots on the wheel – a very difficult skill to un-learn! Ken demonstrated this beautifully. He hadn’t done any throwing since childhood, but was able to recall the technique instantly. He threw some amazing shapes and really looked the part too!
This was my first group of participants on the Saturday! The girls each made two pots in the allotted half hour no problem or wobbles – genuine natural talent!