Lottie piercing holes into Mud Runner medals at Eastnor PotteryAnd so it begins!

Lottie attends to the first batch of 3500 Mud Runner medals due for delivery in time for the race in Oct.

Roald Dahl revolting rhymes inspired pottery workshops as part of Ledbury Poetry FestivalRoald Dahl’s ‘Revolting Rhymes’ provided hours of inspiration for a family pottery/poetry workshop fusion earlier this month. Families dropped into the Walled Garden during the Ledbury Poetry Festival to make their favourite gruesome character from the disturbing set of poems. We lost count of all the Little red ridding hoods, dressed in wolf skin coats, totting a pistol or two!…and as for the volume of decapitated ugly sisters….

The clay models were then hidden around the shrubs and plants in the walled garden for visitors to stumble upon as they strolled in the sunshine. Once the festival ended families were invited to reclaim their artwork from it’s hiding place.

collaborative coil pot in the making at ledbury primary school nursery with jon the potter from eastnor pottery and the flying potterWhere did those 12 weeks go!?

Thoroughly enjoyed my residency at Ledbury Primary School Nursery working with the children, their parents and staff exploring clay, language and communication.

We finished the series of workshops with a celebratory collaborative pot, covered with the children’s designs and marks. This will be fired and returned to the school after 1/2 term.

messy play session facilitated at ledbury primary school nursery by artist jon williams from eastnor pottery and the flying potterPenultimate session at Ledbury Primary School Nursery turned into a messy festival of clay, water and slip.

Took us ages to clear up once the children had left the malaise (big thanks to the lovely parents who stayed behind to help) but worth every second as the children got so much out of the exercise.

jon the potter works with herefordshire nursery school exploring language and communicationA fine looking castle produced by a young potter at Ledbury Primary School Nursery.