clay model created by imaginative 4yr old at ledbury primary school nurseryLove this left of field interpretation of the coil pot project by a creative 4yr old at Ledbury Primary School Nursery. The clay is usually coiled upwards, layering each snake on top of the previous one to form a pot wall – not so today!

“I’m going to make a big rat, a baddy rat and baddy rats always have long tails”

clay pizza made by child at ledbury primary school nursery

Love this clay pizza made by a particularly creative 4 year old at Ledbury Primary School. Over the next six weeks we’re going to be exploring language, communication and building relationships via the magnificant medium of clay…oh yeah, and having a lot of fun too. Parents and carers are invited to join their children as they grapple with the potter’s wheel, coil-pot and slab building techniques.

collaborative terracotta planter made at ledbury primary school with parents and children in the nurseryParents, children and staff pooled their creative talents on the last clay session at Ledbury Primary School Nursery before Christmas and produced a couple of stunning terracotta collaborative planters.

Everybody rolled coils, built the pot and then made a myriad of clay models and details to add to the surface. Once they’ve dried out an been fired the terracotta artwork will be planted up with bulbs or shrubs and displayed for all to admire.

Cant quite believe how quickly the x6 sessions have sped past. I’ve certainly enjoyed my trips to LPS and judging by the favourable comments from parents, so have the children.

After the Christmas break I’ll be working with the afternoon group – cant wait!

t light lantern made by nursery children at ledbury primary school in herefordshireWeek 5 already at Ledbury Primary School Nursery and the children enjoyed painting their t-light holders with metallic paints. 

There were plenty of proud faces as they completed the task and set them to dry. Should make lovely Christmas ‘take homes’ at the end of term.

pottery t-light holdre made by child at ledbury primary school nursery with jon the potter from eastnor potteryParticipation and creative skills continue to build week on week on my parent & child clay workshop sessions at LPS. Absolutely having so much fun working with the young artists and their carers exploring communication and language through working with clay.

Particularly enjoyed ‘A’s imaginative story in response to the t-light activity we explored last week:

“look at my Mr Owl he’s eating a worm, no he’s eating a snake”

“I’m making a Mr owl head on mine, this is his toast machine, this is it’s gun to shoot its birds, this is his drink—he drinks leaves”

“This is the door at the back so when the owl flies out to pick up it’s disgusting food—slime and stuff”