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I can sing a rainbow…

Collaborative pottery arts project in Herefordshire's St Marys Primary school FownhopeWe are chuffed to bits with this fantastic rainbow collaborative tile panel made with all the children at St Mary’s Primary School, Fownhope, Herefordshire.

Each child created an individual tile representing one of the School’s values with each year group responsible for a different colour of the rainbow.

The finished panel will be hung in the school hall for everybody to admire and as a constant reminder of what can be achieved through everybody working together.

Rainbow tile panel created by students at St Marys Primary School Fownhope Herefordshire

Anglo Saxon Clay

Anglo Saxon huts made by KS1 children from Finstall First School WorcestershireThe Anglo Saxons are definitely a hot curriculum topic for KS 1&2. In past week we have led Anglo Saxon inspired clay projects with no less than three schools.

Staunton on Wye Primary School in Herefordshire made a couple of collaborative planters, encrusted with Anglo Saxon insignia and detail. Swords, shields, houses and long boats were well represented amongst the children’s models attached to the surface of a giant coil pot.

Ethan made the trip to Finstall first School in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire to work with Class 4, making individual iron age houses. (above)

Eastnor Primary will also be making the short stroll up the lane to the Pottery to sample the delights of building mini iron age huts.

CLAY! – for all your Anglo Saxon curriculum needs

Terracotta planter made by Eastnor Pottery & The Flying Potter with Staunton on Wye Primary School

Walking with clay dinosaurs

Clay Dinosaurs made at Eastnor Pottery with St. Josephs Primary School

St Josephs RC Primary School visited us here at Eastnor Pottery on a sunny Autumnal morning to make clay dinosaurs with Sarah.

The KS2 children have been looking at volcanoes, dinosaurs and the Jurrasic era and the Art co-ordinater thought it a creative opportunity to realise some of their studies in clay.

The children spent a day with us in the inspirational setting of our artist’s studio making hollow diplodocus, liopleurodon and T-rex.

At lunchtime, they were able to picnic in our ‘Potting Tent’ marquee before spending some free time exploring the pottery sculptures dotted around the Pottery Garden and playing on our musical drum pots.

The group left the Pottery at 2pm to get back to Ross on Wye for the end of the school day – all agreed the day had been a creative, educational and successful school outing.

And when the children got back to school they wrote thank you letters. This is one of our faves:

Dear Sarah

My name is Morgan from St Josephs. Thank you for this phenomenal experience! It was amazing when you helped us to make the pot for Mrs Francis.

The models that you made were….well, I cant really explain how good they were. Jon is really nice and creative. You are so good, I was breath-taken, when I found out that you could make a toast rack, a kettle and lots of other useful things. Making the dinosaurs were incredible. Thank you so, so, so, so much! (Also, who do the horses belong to?)

Yours sincerely


Pottery dinosaurs being made at Eastnor Pottery   Collaborative Coil Pot made with Eastnor Pottery and St. Joseph's Primary School   Pottery dinsoaurs on th emenu at Eastnor Pottery with St Joseph's Primary School

Green-man spotted in Woodlands

Pottery Tiles made with Eastnor Pottery and Woodlands Infant Primary School   Clay spiders crawling over tile panel piece with Eastnor Pottery

Jon the Potter is a regular artist in residence at Woodlands Infants School in Shirley, working with the two form entry year groups.

On the 18th October Jon made a timely trip to the school to help YR1 make autumn leaves for their impressive ceramic wall mural.

The children rolled out the clay tiles, shaped their leaf, added bugs, flowers and snails before painting their creations in russet browns and autumnal yellows and pinks.

Previously, the children had created an oak tree and with a fantastic ‘green-man’ aloft in the canopy. (above & below) The latest leafy tiles will be fired, glazed and mounted at the foot of the tree.

Ceramic Greenman made with Eastnor Pottery and Woodlands Infant School

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