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Calling all workshop participants

Fantastic Plate made at Eastnor Pottery Fantastic Thrown Masterpiece by customer at Eastnor Pottery Careful hands on the potter's wheel at Eastnor Pottery

The BBC have commissioned a second series of the ever popular Great British Pottery Throwdown … Hurrah!

Group Shot of Great Pottery Throw Down Judges and Participants

As a result, they are currently scouring the country for new contestants. Do you think you have what it takes to make Keith cry? ;)

Over the past 20 years we’ve welcomed literally tens of thousands of clay enthusiasts and workshop participants through the door – surely one or two of you lovely potters fancy a bit of prime time TV coverage?! – Go on – what have you got to loose?

Applications can be downloaded here.

painted clay pots made on the potter's wheel by a beginner                 Beautifully Thrown and Decorated Pot made by Eastnor Pottery Customer

Eastnor Pottery 15 minutes of fame

Our Digitial Marketing Apprentice Jack, spotted this opportunity whilst scrolling through the emails.  iZettle have invited their small business customers to create a short video clip advertising their own products and services. The 7 lucky winners of 15 Seconds of Fame will then have their advert broadcast on television. Ethan directed, filmed and produced the ad with Jack providing the voice over.

Please follow the link above, to vote for our video.

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