lady smiling at the pots she created on weekend pottery course

mother and daughter attending weekend pottery course

Meet our exceptionally creative Mother and Daughter makers of the week – Jean and Elizabeth! The pair took part on a recent Potter’s Wheel Weekend Course and volunteered to be our Makers of the Week!

Why did you visit the pottery?

J: “Originally it was a birthday present – we have done a few classes together in the past, one making Christmas wreaths! We wanted to do something together and more than anything, make a memory.”

What do you do when you’re not potting?

E: “The family business! Mum set up her interior design business 38 years ago, and now I’ve taken up the reins. Mum still takes an active role but in more of a semi-retired capacity.”

Jean, a self taught sewer started out with a single singer sewing machine! (Easy for us to say!) She describes herself as ‘soft furnishing assembler’ and built the business solely on reputation and word of mouth. Elizabeth took over 6 years ago, and quickly made a name for herself working with architects and businesses to create fantastic interiors.

What’s the best bit about your pottery experience?

J: “Unlike past experiences we’ve taken part in, this offers us the chance to take something home that reminds us of our lovely time here at the studio.  After day one we left with big smiles on our faces – we thought and talked about our pots all night and were very excited to come back for day two. We have created a memory and something we’ll never forget…..the pots are a bonus!”

Thank you Jean and Elizabeth! :) we loved having you around the Pottery and your ‘memories’ will be posted to you as soon as they’re out of the kiln

lady participating in pottery weekend course placing her pots in display
pottery piece created on weekend pottery course

lady smiling at the pots she created on weekend pottery coursepots painting with splatting technique at weekend pottery course

surprise birthday pottery session in the heart of the uk

surprise birthday pottery session in the heart of the uk

Abi did pottery for her 26th – a whole day of it!!

Lovingly purchased as a treat by her partner Ross. They both threw lots of pots and kept a mug & egg cup each as fired souvenirs of their day in Eastnor.

If you fancied a whole day learning how to make pottery on the potter’s wheel in beautiful rural surroundings, then please take a look at our scheduled course dates. Also, if there are two or more participants, we’d be delighted to offer you a session in the week. Please drop us an email if this is something you would like to pursue.

Abi & Ross took some fab photos of each other in action.

Thanks for sharing you two! :)

surprise birthday pottery session in the heart of the uksurprise birthday pottery session in the heart of the uksurprise birthday pottery session in the heart of the uk


pottery lesson at eastnor pottery


family of potters learning how to make pottery at eastnor pottery

As one might expect, the group size we entertain here at Eastnor Pottery has shrunk somewhat in 2020. Where as we regularly worked with between 12 – 20 people in one sitting, recent parties haven’t exceeded anymore than x6 participants.

We are chuffed to report despite the small participant numbers, the quality of what we offer remains consistently high.

Take Arjun and his family for example.

These guys spent a weekend in Herefordshire celebrating dad’s special birthday. They walked the Malvern Hills, ate out and finished up with our Introduction to the Potter’s Wheel.


pottery workshop participant centering the clay at eastnor potteryjon the potters handspottery workshop participant centering the clay at eastnor potterypottery workshop participant centering the clay at eastnor pottery

Arjun wrote a five star review – Thanks Arjun!:

“We booked Jon’s pottery experience to celebrate our father’s birthday. From the moment we arrived Sarah & Jon were both very accommodating and friendly. None of our group had any previous experience with pottery but with Jon’s guidance (and patience!) we all made some pots which we could be proud of! Overall, I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who is thinking of trying something different and wants to do a group activity during a weekend break.”

pottery workshop for grown-up childrenpottery workshop participant centering the clay at eastnor potterypottery workshop participant centering the clay at eastnor potterypottery lesson at eastnor pottery


pottery courses at eastnor pottery

family pose with their freshly thrown pots outside eastnor pottery

We had so much fun working with this lovely family of grown-ups who celebrated x2 birthdays with us by indulging in a whole day’s Potter’s Wheel Course.

As there were x4 participants, we were able to offer the group their very own private session on a Sunday.

Everybody had a potter’s wheel to themselves and spent the day experimenting and perfecting their technique. Our day or weekend Potter’s Wheel Courses are the most immerse potter’s wheel experience we offer. Participants gather an understanding of the craft and after a day of throwing, produce some very competent shapes. This family were no exception and the clay results were excellent!

reaching for the water on the potter's wheeltotal concentration on the potter's wheelbirthday celebration on the potter's wheelpulling the clay up at eastnor pottery

The birthday girls loved it as did the rest of the group. Here’s what they had to say on Instagram:

@jon_williams_potter and @sarah_monk_ceramics are two talented and passionate pottery artists who owns the @eastnorpottery ! Follow and check out their work people 😊. Loved the workshop we attended and Jon is an excellent and patient teacher 👨‍🏫 ❤️

Once we’re out of Lockdown and can gather in small groups again, why not consider a pottery experience as a creative and meaningful family activity. You don’t have to do a whole day either – our 1.5 hr Introduction to the Potter’s Wheel ticks all the boxes too!

socially distanced pottery participants celebrating a birthday at eastnor potterywobbly pots at eastnor pottery


three wheel thrown pots stuck together to make a daffodil vase

two day pottery course participants at eastnor pottery malvern hills

Did you know that if there are two or more of you, you can book your own day or two day Potter’s Wheel Course ?

Emma and Matthew did just that and it turns out they are both exceptional makers!

Here’s a pictorial view of their two day creative journey:

throwing pots at eastnor potterytorn freshly thrown pot made by course partciipant at eastnor potteryaspiring potter learning to make pots on the wheel at eastnor pottery herefordshirechoosing pottery paints to decorate their hand made pots on a pottery coursethree wheel thrown pots stuck together to make a daffodil vaseemma collects tea pots so she made one on a pottery course at eastnor pottery in october 2020