KS 3 & 4

Workshops often involve students working together to produce a collaborative piece. This approach nurtures respect for each others contribution and a sense of shared ownership and pride in the final work.

ceramics workshops for high schools led by jon williams

we offer:

  • - 3D sculptural ceramics projects designed for GCSE and portfolio coursework.
  • - All tools and materials provided
  • - A multitude of techniques including potter’s wheel, coil pot and slab building
  • - Collaborative and commemorative whole school wall panels and sculpture
  • - Creative career advice and an insight into working in the creative industries
  • - Fully mobile service anywhere in the UK
  • - Professional fired and glazed results
  • - Staff training
  • - Sessions at Eastnor Pottery – work in the unique environment of the artist’s studio

“The verbal feedback from the students was very positive on their return and was clearly the result of a good day facilitated by you”Weobley High School, Hfds

 Cost: Half day, full day rates available. Discounts for series and residency bookings

 How to book: For availability and bookings please contact Eastnor Pottery: tel: 01531 633886, or email: admin@eastnorpottery.co.uk

examples of projects with high schools