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Pottery leaves

Clay leaf tiles made by the children at Staunton and Corse Primary SchoolAn Autumnal collection of ceramic leaves made by the children at Staunton & Corse Primary School in Gloucestershire.

Although we weren’t directly involved in the making, we agreed to decorate, glaze and fire the tiles in our kiln.

I think they look really special and will make a wonderful mobile in the school.

The Bridstow sunbathers

oh I do like to be beside the seaside themed pottery made by Bridstow primary school in herefordshire“Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…..”

Despite the sun disappearing behind a cloud, these ceramic sun bathers at Eastnor Pottery enjoyed capturing a few kiln rays recently.

Jon worked with Bridstow Primary School at the end of the Summer term 2014 to make these individual beauties with the whole school.

Mad Hatters

ridiculous values hats worn by artists Jon Williams and Stephen McRaeArtist Blacksmith Stephen McRae and myself spent a hot afternoon at Ledbury Primary School’s end of term Carnival sporting these inspired and slightly ridiculous ‘Values hats’. We were soliciting peoples views on a set of values for Ledbury – a spot of market research for a metal and clay Sculpture Stephen and myself will be co-creating in the Autumn.

Leominster Infants – end of an era

Clay project by Jon the PotterSomehow managed to squeeze all 300 infants into a day with each child making a commemorative badge or plaque celebrating their time at the soon to be demolished infants school – but dont worry folks, they have a splendid brand new shiny Primary School to move into in the Autumn.

I encouraged each child to consider something they were particularly good at or had enjoyed doing at Leominster Infants School. This lovely creation was made by a youngster who loved singing. “This is for the Rainbow Song” she said as she handed me her claywork.


Pitmaston Primary at Porcelain Museum

Clay workshop in Worcester Porcelain MuseumMusuem of Royal Worcester Porcelain and myself had discussed animals in ceramic decoration as a theme for the children’s clay work. However, once we had toured the cases with the group of YR2 artists, it became very clear the students interests were varied and far more interesting than our proposal. So, we encouraged the children to sketch ‘at will’ from the many cases of ceramic treasure and curios. One child honed in on a set of mold makers tools and carefully sketched the items before executing them brilliantly in clay. Another girl flattened a clay slab and delicately incised a pattern based upon a plate she’d seen in the collection. Lots of conversation and chatter about how things were made, who made them and how they had become to be displayed in the Museum – endless possibilities to explore social history, materials and technology, maths and literacy.

It was a pleasure and a joy to see how each child had managed to explore a different theme…and to be so engaged in and excited by what they were doing. The line drawings were amazing and they’d really looked at what was in front of them. The quality of the pencil sketches and note taking proper informed the clay work – a fab and inspiring morning for sure.