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Mela clay

Pottery workshops at South Asian Arts Event in SmethwickVery pleased to be delivering pottery workshops on behalf of the good people at SAMPAD. Latest session took us to Victoria park in Smethwick, Birmingham where we entertained families celebrating The Mela Arts Festival. We encouraged visitors to make and take away clay elephants – just like this fantastic creation.

Poetry pottery – Out of the Earth

New ceramic work by artist Jon Williams who collaborated with poet and writer Mandy Ross on behalf of Ledbury Poetry Festival 2014I’ve been enjoying collaborating with poet & writer Mandy Ross on behalf of Ledbury Poetry Festival 2014.

Over the past 6 months we’ve taken fruit, poems and clay into local care homes to share with the residents and staff. We’ve been making, reading, reminiscing and having a lot of fun.

Mandy and myself have produced a body of new work as a response. The ‘fruits’ of our labour are currently being displayed in The Priory Cleaners window in Ledbury High Street. The work will be on show for the duration of the Poetry festival 4th – 12th July 2014.

River monster

Pottery workshops at Hereford River Carnival 2014Wouldn’t like to meet one of these in the River Wye!

Hundreds of families and children helped build this collaborative clay fish as part of the hugely succesful Hereford River Carnival earlier this month.

If you fancy having a look at some of the participants doing their clay thing then please take a look at our photo album on Facebook.

Jon the Potter St Thomas legacy

Terracotta collaborative plant pot in BirminghamFor the past 10 years or so I ‘ve been working regularly with the wonderful staff and visitors at St Thomas Children’s Centre in Birmingham.

The Centre boasts quite a collection of pots and ceramic curios made with participants of all ages and abilities and whilst I was there a few weeks ago, I took the opportunity to photograph a few of them in situ.

Belatrova to the rescue

Peter & Stuart from BelatroviaBig thank you to Stuart & Peter who kindly fired my porcelain play things destined for Craftplay at Bilston Craft Gallery in Woverhampton.

Our kilns here at Eastnor Pottery Central would have really struggled to reach the temperatures required to vitrify the white stuff. I was very grateful the chaps at Belatrova were able to come to my aid and offer space in their kilns.

Stuart makes a fantastic range of hand thrown porcelain as well as being one half of Belatrova, a design partnership set up with artist Peter Arscott.

Although I havent worked in porcelain for near on 22 years, its durable constitution made it the perfect material choice for the Happy Museums Commission. The pots have been delivered and are being well loved by Bilston’s under 5′s and their families!