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Winter gems from the kiln

Ceramic cakes on a pottery plate made by children and their familiesAs we unpack the kilns we’ll always attempt to document the wonderful fired and glazed made by schools, groups and individuals. Please take a look at the photos of recent ceramic creations – you’ll find x4 giant plates filled with cakes and confectionary produced by x4 Birmingham Children’s Centres, inspired by the children’s book ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’. There‘s also a selection of pottery ‘fire of London’ houses made by Woodlands Infants School in Shirley.

Happy get together

Craft space, Happy Museum and Craftplay at Bilston Craft Gallery hold meeting at Eastnor Pottery in HerefordshireThis time last year I was in the throws of an exciting early years project in Wolverhampton. Happy Craftplay took place at the brilliant Bilston Craft Gallery in Wolverhampton as part of a national initiative called Happy Museum.

Myself and two other makers (Annemarie O’Sullivan and Corrie Williamson) were commissioned to produce a body of work based upon a series of creative sessions held at the Gallery. Staff, parents and children from the nursery at Loxdale Primary School explored materials in the Gallery garden.

We three artists each produced an artwork which was then handed over to Craftplay for them to use on a regular basis.

Craftplay, Craftspace and ourselves met up at The Pottery a few weeks back to evaluate the project and discuss how the commissions were being used since their inception. There was also a little time at the end for a spot of pot making on the wheels. As Jack from Craftplay commented “a perfect combo of thinking and fun.” 

Dinos & Dragons

Each child in class 3/4 made several dragon scales as a creative contribution to this collaborative clay dragonEthan and myself had fun working with KS1&2 at Tredington Primary School near Tewksbury Gloucestershire making individual dinosaurs and this collaborative dragon.

A school bursting with famous artists

Potter Jon Williams photo by Henriette LangSpent a very busy day at Lickey Hills Primary School working with a grand total of 240 children in a day!!! All the students and staff came to school dressed as an artist or famous artwork and juding by the quality of costume, a lot of care and creativity had gone into the atire. We made some beautiful collaborative clay pots all beautifully documented by Henriette Lang.

The day also made it into the Bromsgrove Standard!

Collaborative Crest of St Michaels

Each child in St Michaels Primary school Bodenham made a selfie clay tile to make up a giant tile panel of the school logoBack in September I worked with the whole of St Michaels Primary School in Bodenham to make this fantstic pottery tile panel in the shape of the school badge.

Each child made a tile decorated with a self portrait and the final piece will be hung in the entrance to the School.

and who swapped the ‘A’ & ‘E’ around?!!!