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1666 & all that…

Love my visits to Woodlands Infant School in Shirley, Solihull. On this occasion I worked with year 2, encouraging each pupil to make a slab built house reminiscent of the architecture common at the time of the Great Fire of London.Smashing pottery house made with Eastnor Pottery

Quite an advanced clay project for sure, but the children’s hollow houses look all the better for being dented and squashed!

The clay houses will be fired (appropriately so) and returned to the school later in the term.


Woodloes Primary Pottery Project

Woodloes Primary School in Warwickshire employed ceramic artist Jon Williams to help the entire school create 8 magnificent collaborative planters. Each terracotta pot was built by a different YR group, with every child making a clay selfie to decorate the surface.Brilliant collaborative pots with Eastnor Pottery and Woodloes Primary

Each YR group documented their clay session – results of which can be seen by selecting the appropriate link below:

Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6

Grecian coil pots

Great Greek Pottery piece made with Picklenash Primary and Eastnor PotteryWe are often called upon by primary schools to work with children to extend their learning about certain topics within the curriculum.

Ancient Greece provides ample opportunity for clay and pottery work and if we had a pound for every time…. ;)

Jon had a lovely day working in Newent with Yr 4, 5 and 6 at Picklenash Junior School, part of the Federation of Newent Schools. The children made their very own interpretations of traditional shapes, examples of which can be seen by selecting the following links: Amphorae, SkyphoiHydriai and Rhyton.

Example of Ancient Greek ceramic work

School sign @MichaelchurchEscley

Pottery project with Herefordshire primary schoolAnother glorious early autumn day and another idyllic primary school  set in the depths of rural Herefordshire.

This time my travels took me to Michaelchurch Escley Primary School at the foot of the Brecon Beacons and close to the welsh boarder.

I’ve worked in the area on and off for the past ten years or so. It’s beautiful isolation has led to artists, writers and creative types settling in the area. Their offspring attend the local school, all 45 of them to learn in a relaxed and stimulating environment.

I’m always impressed at the quality of their artwork and the dexterity with which they work the clay, hardly surprising really, considering the children’s background and surroundings.

We spent the day making brightly coloured tiles for a new sign to welcome visitors at the entrance to the school.

Herefordshire Primary School moto made from clay as part of pottery project


Almeley WW1 memorial project

Clay model WW1 tile panel proposal designed by pupil at Almeley Primary SchoolI spotted a ‘Jon the Potter’ collaborative pot in amongst the sports trophies when I visited Almeley Primary School in rural Herefordshire. On closer inspection, the incised date on the base of the pot revealed the last time I was there was 2001. Things had changed quite a bit in the interim. The school had effectively tripled in size both in terms of building stock and student numbers. (There were only 20 or so children at the school in 2001)

This time around I spent an afternoon with the children canvassing their ideas for a World War One commemorative tile panel. All 70 children made valuable contributions in the form of sketches and maquetes made out of soft clay. I went away and designed a composite image based upon the children’s ideas and returned to the school to make the art work with them.

The tiles are curently drying in the kiln room but as soon as they emerge from the kiln I’ll put the panel together and publish a photo right here on the Eastnor Pottery website.

In the meantime, here are some photographs of the children’s sketches in clay.

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