Eight fantastic ceramic trees produced by all the talented children at Marlbrook Primary School in Hereford.


Jon visited the school on several occasions during the spring term working with each year group to make a separate year group tree.


Every single child in the school produced at least two leaves and helped make creepy crawlies for the trunk sections. Bearing in mind there are 450 pupils in the school, the project generated a mammoth amount of tiles, all of which had to be individually stuck onto the specially prepared tree shaped boards. Phew!


The trees are going to be mounted on the wall around the school for all the children and staff to enjoy.

Lids on, lids off! These beautiful terracotta pots made by Jon, are destined for the fantastic outdoor play space designed and built in collaboration with Ashton Under Hill playgroup. The pots will be buried with their lids protruding at ground level. Each vessel will contain examples of a natural material – twigs/ straw, pebbles etc, for the children to discover and experience. Please take a look at previous blog entries posted earlier this year to see how the project has unfolded.

I’m very fortunate to work at Westfield Special School in Leominster, four times a year. This week I had the pleasure of helping Kingfisher class to produce a stack of terracotta garden ornaments. The snail plaques, ladybird dibbers, and flower pots will be sold at an event after Easter to raise funds for their annual residential trip to Dartmoor. Please take a look at the school’s wonderful website, which includes a couple of past pottery projects: http://www.westfield.hereford.sch.uk/EY_PAGE.asp?GRID=8&PAGE;_ID=73


John Masefield High School (JMHS) are keen to enhance the school campus in different ways. As part of this process, I’ve been meeting with the school’s Community Arts Officer, Jeanette McCulloch, discussing ideas and locations within the school to site a ceramic work of art – created by the students, for the students.


After much debate, we plumped for a series of ‘circular’ tile panels to be fixed to an exterior wall of the main hall.


The panels are various sizes, randomly spaced along the wall, creating the effect of bubbles.
This week I had the pleasure of working with 20 Gifted & Talented (G & T) students representing the cream of artistic talent from accross the school. The theme was ‘music and inspiration’. As you might expect, the quality of the work produced was fantastic. Just look at the magnificent segments above.