clay film collaboration at yart final event in herefordSix months, nine artists, copious young people and a shed load of blood, sweat and tears culminated on Sunday evening as the final YArt event took place in Hereford city centre. There was skateboarding, drama, singing, dancing, paintings, prints and pottery.

The resut was amazing and testiment to all the hard work invested by all involved and of course the talented youngsters we seem to have in abundance in Hfds.

Pictured here: video clips from the creative sessions held across the county, projected onto soft, clay tiles produced by the young participants.

creative arts sessions for young people living herefordshireThe multi facited, multi disciplined YArt project resumed after the Christmas break recently. This week I had the privillage of working with the young people of Leominster, Wigmore and Michaelchurch Esclay.

The project will culminate in a big arts event on 1st April in the centre of Hereford.

Arts workshops for further education led by Jon Williams from Eastnor Pottery & The Flying PotterThis week saw the launch of an ambitious arts project run by Herefordshire Council. YArt has paired up 6 artists working in a variety of disciplines delivering creative collaborations in youth clubs across the county.

Young people in herefordshire will get to sample DJ techniques, music, drama, film, recycled materials and of course clay.

So far, my YArt journey has taken me to Leominster, Michaelchurch Escley and the centre of Hereford.

Collaborative clay figures produced by students at King Edward VI Aston School, Birmingham & Eastnor Pottery & The Flying PotterIt was a pleasure to be called back once again King Edward VI School in Aston last week for workshop duties.

During the day I worked with approximately 60 students spread over x3 sessions.

This year the lads produced a terracotta army made up of collaboratively built figures. Ok, granted, the warriors didn’t look like regular soldiers but you certainly wouldn’t want to mess with these recruits!

In the evening families descended in vast numbers to view the artwork and sample some of the performances and activities the students had been engaged in.

Parents bring cultural dishes from around the world for visitors to feast on. The curries are legendary and the whole event is definitely a highlight in the ‘Jon the potter’ workshop Calendar.

The majority of Eastnor Pottery’s educational work is concerned with process rather than product – the emphasis on the journey rather than the destination. However, fired ceramic is an incredibly durable material and Jon, Sarah and Gemma are often called upon to enable a finished fired outcome.

The sense of shared and personal pride gleaned from a successfully executed and installed work of art is a powerful thing. Take a look at this fabulous wall clock produced by Jon, the staff, and children at James Brindley School in Birmingham.