I spent a couple of days this week working at Grace Academy in Solihull. Children could opt into either clay with myself or football in the school hall. I was somewhat surprised by some of the footballing teenage lads, who, at lunch break, plonked themselves down at the clay tables and proceeded to make stuff for half an hour or so- “It really gets you focused” was one of the comments.

Twenty staff from Lillian De Lissa Nursery School made the trip from Birmingham to Eastnor to sample the delights of our potter’s wheel team building workshop – not that the gang needed much team building! I’ve never known such a cohesive bunch! The school greatly values creativity and has an excellent approach to its work with the under five’s.
We all had a fantastic time constructing a Lillian De Lissa coat of arms and throwing wobblies on the potter’s wheel! I can’t wait till the Autumn when I’ll be visiting the school again to work with the children for the third time.

This time Jon worked with a gang of students from John Masefield High School, to produce this fantastic piece of earth furniture. It was built in situ at Ledbury Youth Centre in their magnificent garden. The sofa is planted with grass seed, which will have sprouted and spread to produce a lush turf finish- all in time for Ledbury in Bloom.


John Masefield High School (JMHS) are keen to enhance the school campus in different ways. As part of this process, I’ve been meeting with the school’s Community Arts Officer, Jeanette McCulloch, discussing ideas and locations within the school to site a ceramic work of art – created by the students, for the students.


After much debate, we plumped for a series of ‘circular’ tile panels to be fixed to an exterior wall of the main hall.


The panels are various sizes, randomly spaced along the wall, creating the effect of bubbles.
This week I had the pleasure of working with 20 Gifted & Talented (G & T) students representing the cream of artistic talent from accross the school. The theme was ‘music and inspiration’. As you might expect, the quality of the work produced was fantastic. Just look at the magnificent segments above.