For the past few weeks, Gemma has been working on an Eco themed project at two schools in Rubery. Overall, four North Worcestershire Schools are involved, each one producing a pair of wall panels, in a Yin and Yang design. The idea is to have one half as the negative environmental issues (such as the use of a car, or leaving lights on), and the other as the positive (including things like re-cycling, walking etc). We will post some photos of the wall panels on the blog as they emerge from the kiln!

We really appreciate a home match! Twelve Year Eight students from Bromsgrove made the journey to Eastnor to work on the potter’s wheel and make clay sculpture. Head of Art Kate asked if we could make something ‘heraldic’ as the guys and gals would be visiting Eastnor Castle, to study the fantastic collection of Knight’s Armour.

Here are just a few of the fantastic clay results…

Jon’s been working with Gifted and Talented art students from John Masefield High School in Ledbury for some time now. The ceramic outcome – a stunning, collaborative wall panel installed near the main hall.

One of eight lovely gargoyle wall planters produced by Holyoakes Field PRU, ready for delivery back to the school.

On completion of residencies I ask schools and venues to complete an evaluation questionnaire.

Q:Did the project live up to expectations?

A:Totally! The whole week was fantastic – the children and staff were engaged and learning. Our children are difficult to engage but they were absorbed by the whole process and worked well the entire week. You could have spent a month here and it wouldn’t have been enough!

I worked with two independent schools on Saturday -Malvern St James in the morning and Lucton school in the afternoon. The girls at Malvern St James, made three fabulous, autumn inspired collaborative pots, as well as individual hibernating hedgehogs. For more details of what we got up to, check out and follow the link to the juniors newsletter, .
Once the van was packed, it was a dash up to North Herefordshire to meet the boarders at Lucton school.
The staff wanted all 38 boarding students, aged between 9 and 19, to make a collaborative wall panel to go in the entrance hall of the boarding house; something with the ‘wow’ factor to impress visitors. The girls and boys came up with the idea of self portraits, grouped together to resemble a giant ceramic ‘class’ photograph. We all had great fun modelling our faces in terracotta clay, in some cases ‘splatting’ the clay slabs onto our faces to make an impression. Once the clay was peeled from the students faces, the results were stunning – a great recipe for a fake tan too!