The weekend was also a collection weekend for ‘Tent’ – our children’s workshops that took place over two days in the summer holidays.

Before it can be fired, the clay has to be thoroughly dried – this can take between two days and three weeks depending on drying conditions and the thickness of the clay. The pieces then have to have two firings – a bisque and then a glaze firing, both taking a couple of days – so you can see why it takes so long before the children can collect their finished master pieces!


We always appreciate young artists who interpret the theme in a “left of field”, or creative fashion. James, pictured here with his sister certainly fulfilled the criteria – he produced a couple of figures erecting a tent – one of them pouring over the instruction sheet (complete with question mark floating over-head), and the other trying to piece together poles and canvas – well done James!

Just a few of the happy campers who attended our children’s holiday workshops last week. Each child made a camping scene, complete with tent, camp fire and modelled figure. As always on these occasions imagination ran wild and some of the young potters added creative additions to their models. Giraffes, wolves, lions and crocodiles could all be seen peeping out from their brightly coloured tents.

The next children’s workshops take place in the October half

term, and include a go on the potter’s wheel. Please e-mail, or telephone 01531633886 to reserve a place.






The theme for our children’s workshops in half term was inspired by those eight legged, generally unwelcome, bathroom guests. The participants all made a bath on the potter’s wheel, then filled it with giant spiders and other creepy crawlies.

Izzy makes her bath on the potter’s wheel – (we decided to break with tradition and use chocolate instead of clay!…It could be though, couldn’t it?)

Insy winsy spider!

The next children’s workshops take place in the summer holidays – 28 &29 July 2009. They are suitable for ages 4-12yrs and places can be booked by emailing :, or telephoning 01531 633886.

Some of the creations from our Easter holiday children’s workshops, freshly made, coloured and slowly drying out. Our next children’s workshop is ‘Spider in the Bath’, and each young potter will get the opportunity to have a go on the potter’s wheel. Please e-mail or telephone on 01531 633886 to reserve your place.