The clay gets absolutely everywhere and participants on our throwing workshops often report finding the stuff weeks later, in places they would never have dreamed! Finger nails are well and truly on the front line, harbouring great wads of clay and generally getting in the way. Some women have, after repeated pot collapse, lopped their talons off in a flurry of potter’s wheel rage. Others adopt a ‘knuckle’ technique for drawing the clay up.

With so many women passing through the pottery, the nail issue is not one that’s going to go away!! Check out our previous hen party workshops: Amanda’s Hen Party – , Miranda’s Hen Party and Penny’s Henny

I spent a lovely afternoon with Katherine and her ‘hens’ on the potter’s wheels. The small number of participants meant lots of individual attention with all four girls getting to grips with the technique and producing some wonderful pots. We’ll fire their little beauties in time for Katherine’s wedding day.

Take a look at the following link for more information on our fabulous hen party sessions:


Amanda and friends enjoying the September sunshine outside the studio.  

Amanda sampling the delights of the potter’s wheel!

The last couple of weekends have been taken up with large groups of women visiting the pottery, choosing clay as a way of marking that special day:

Miranda’s Hen Party
Twenty one of them in total. The gals were staying in Tepee accommodation hence the feathered headdress’s.

Keston’s 40th
Keston and fourteen of her girlfriends, spent a morning at Eastnor Pottery taking turns on the wheel and making decorative plates to mark her birthday.

Penny’s Henny!
Another hen party. This time local lass Penny and friends descended on the studio to make ceramic artifacts and momentoes. Nice hat Penny!

Bride to be Jenny and friends, photographed here outside the pottery entrance. The girls took advantage of our 3 hour potter’s wheel session to mark the occasion. We were able to provide the 8 hen’s with a potter’s wheel each, and they spent the time learning to throw shapes. Although they all insisted none of them had done any before the results were fantastic.
Jenny perfecting her technique as mum Alison looks on.