I spent a glorious weekend in Oxford, working with 700 children (not all at once mind you) at Zodiac 09 – a huge festival celebrating Oxfordshire’s Cub Scout movement. The organisers reckoned there were over 2500 children camping out and enjoying an extensive variety of activities. The sun shone brightly all weekend and by 4pm on Sunday we had produced a gigantic collaborative caterpillar. Once it’s fired, we’ll post a photo of the beast on the blog.

‘Drying caterpillar segments’

Over 2000 visitors a day made their way to Hampton Court, near Leominster, to sample a multitude of outdoor activities at the University of the Great Outdoors, (an event organised by Hereford Council). We had four wheels available for people to have a go on, and ran taster sessions throughout the weekend. Elliot, aged 8, gives it a spin!

Another of my long standing clients, is the Three Counties Agricultural Society. Every year, I provide clay based workshops for their three main events, (Spring Gardening, Three Counties, and Autumn Gardening Shows).

This year at the Spring Gardening Show, I vacated the relative warmth/roof over my head of the Severn Hall, and worked instead in the permanent Learning Garden. I spent three muddy days creating a large earth sofa, accosting passers by, or thrusting a lump of soggy cob onto their hands and getting them to hurl it at the structure. This one’s going to be sewn with wild flower seeds.