Collaborative ‘Love pots’ from Big Chill 2007. Can you find your heart?!
The festival season is now in full swing, and we are extremely fortunate to have take place here in Eastnor Deer Park.

For the last couple of years, we have provided a variety of clay workshop sessions as part of the event. This year we’ll be pitching our pea green potting tent in the ‘Body and Soul’ field – offering punters the opportunity to make pots on the potter’s wheel. 1/2 hr workshop sessions will take place throughout the festival – on site, pre-booking is essential! Come up and see us or call 07814730022, when you’ve arrived in Eastnor.


Last week, we had a phone call from Katie who was accompanying a group of adults from the charity MENCAP. They were on holiday in the Hereford area and asked if they could come and do some pottery as one of their activities. We were pleased to accomodate Katie and her gang, and on Thursday nine participants spent a productive 1.5 hour clay session making coil pots. The group took their creations away with them to paint and varnish at home.




Pete and his ‘Alien’ head coilpot!

What better way to bond together a freshly formed team of marketing professionals than with mud!
Helen Forbes (Senior Category Insight Manager for Carlsberg), brought her colleagues to Eastnor Pottery, for a three hour teambuilding session. The group spent time making a collaborative pot, decorating the surface with self portraits and items symbolising their unique attributes and occupational contribution to the new team.



As the group was relatively small (6 people), everybody was assigned a potter’s wheel for the afternoon, and spent the remainder of the session perfecting their technique.


A fantastic and rewarding time was had by all: “I’ll be recommending you to everyone I can think of in the corporate world. We all need more mud in our lives “,commented Helen later.

Bride to be Jenny and friends, photographed here outside the pottery entrance. The girls took advantage of our 3 hour potter’s wheel session to mark the occasion. We were able to provide the 8 hen’s with a potter’s wheel each, and they spent the time learning to throw shapes. Although they all insisted none of them had done any before the results were fantastic.
Jenny perfecting her technique as mum Alison looks on.

It’s not just little people who celebrate their special day with us at Eastnor Pottery. Claire and nine of her friends joined us after work to mark her 40th Birthday.

The girls opted for our two hour evening session, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As well as making a collaborative jug encrusted with clay flowers, made by each party goer, the girls took turns on the potter’s wheel. They also produced and painted individual coil-pots on a ‘garden’ theme.
Their masterpieces will be fired, glazed and ready to be picked up from the studio in a couple of weeks. If you would like a totally unique experience to mark that special occasion, please call 01531 633 886 to discuss your ideas.