Having been a ‘thrower’ for all of my working life, I sometimes take for granted the therapeutic benefits of wrestling with a spinning lump of mud! Once a month I am reminded of these benefits as between six to ten (usually clay novices) get to try their hand on our weekend ‘throw a pot’ workshops. It is both refreshing and enlightening to hear what each individual personally gleans from the experience.
To make a pot successfully on the wheel, demands both physical strength and mental discipline – any loss of focus can quickly result in a wobbly pot or even total clay meltdown! As one participant this weekend so eloquently put it “All the usual thoughts, concerns and anxieties fizzing around our heads at any one time get completely suppressed as we concentrate solely on the stages of production”. She went on to explain that she’d felt so relaxed and refreshed after day one, it was as if she’d spent a weekend at a health farm.http://www.eastnorpottery.co.uk/pages/documents/adultdatesandbookingform2010.pdf

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Another busy Sunday. We had no less than 9 participants dabbling in a spot of mud spinning here at the studio. At the end of the workshop, participants are invited to select the pots they would like to have fired…and then squidge the ones they don’t want!

Here are the ones that didn’t quite make the leaders board! The next workshops take place on the 7th and 8th of November. E-mail admin@eastnorpottery.co.uk, if you fancy booking in.

It was a full house this weekend as seven participants spent a pleasurable and industrious couple of days sampling the delights of the potter’s wheel. Emma, Lisa and Claire, three practicing jewellers, approached the clay in a very creative and precise manner, bringing along an array of handmade stamps to press into the clay. Although the girls had little previous experience of working with clay, they made some very beautiful and professional looking pieces.

Polly and Mike, again potter’s wheel beginners, took to the process like ducks to water. By the end of Sunday they had both made some complex and competent bowls, plates and mugs.
I think also an Eastnor Pottery throwing workshop record was smashed by Anne, who managed to clock up a staggering 18 pieces, all turned and decorated. 

We still have a few places left on the remaining 2009 throwing workshops: on Sunday the 4th of October, Saturday the 7th of November, Sunday the 8th of November and Sunday the 6th of December. Please e-mail admin@eastnorpottery.co.uk or telephone 01531 633886, if you would like to book a place.


Dates for 2010 will follow shortly – watch this space!

The studio was well populated last weekend as no less than 10 guests enjoyed a mixture of throwing and handbuilding on our April weekend workshop. Seven wheels a whirling.One of the youngest participants we’ve ever had on our weekend potter’s wheel workshops. Paige grasped the technique very early on and threw some amazing shapes- a glittering career in clay awaits for sure, if it’s something she wants to do!Hannah, Claire and Michelle, all previous potter’s wheel workshop veterans, returned on Saturday to try their hands at handbuilding. The girls coiled a terracotta owl each for their gardens which will be ready in a few weeks time.


Vin & Connie dropped by this week to pick up their lovely pots they made here in February. (See blog entry date Sunday 22nd February)