Jon & Gemma worksed in partnership with Arts & Business to deliver 90 minutes of clay fuelled, away day fun to a corporate client in Birmingham.
The large group (approx 90 participants!) made up of individuals from all over Europe worksed in teams of 10 to produce a shoel of collaborative fish – each one very different from the next, celebrating diverisity of approach.
Once fired, the fish will swim back to their creators taking pride of place in their European offices.

I visited central London earlier this week, working on behalf of I’d been asked to deliver a potter’s wheel ‘breakout’ session for a corporate client. The extremely talented participants took to the task like ‘ducks to water’, and made some marvellous pots on the wheel.

Head teacher Lynda booked the studio for a staff team/inset session on Thursday. The gang spent the morning taking turns to throw shapes on the potter’s wheel and making coil pots. The sun appeared at lunchtime so the teachers and T.A’s were able to picnic on the lawn.

I spent a couple of days this week working at Grace Academy in Solihull. Children could opt into either clay with myself or football in the school hall. I was somewhat surprised by some of the footballing teenage lads, who, at lunch break, plonked themselves down at the clay tables and proceeded to make stuff for half an hour or so- “It really gets you focused” was one of the comments.

Twenty staff from Lillian De Lissa Nursery School made the trip from Birmingham to Eastnor to sample the delights of our potter’s wheel team building workshop – not that the gang needed much team building! I’ve never known such a cohesive bunch! The school greatly values creativity and has an excellent approach to its work with the under five’s.
We all had a fantastic time constructing a Lillian De Lissa coat of arms and throwing wobblies on the potter’s wheel! I can’t wait till the Autumn when I’ll be visiting the school again to work with the children for the third time.

What better way to bond together a freshly formed team of marketing professionals than with mud!
Helen Forbes (Senior Category Insight Manager for Carlsberg), brought her colleagues to Eastnor Pottery, for a three hour teambuilding session. The group spent time making a collaborative pot, decorating the surface with self portraits and items symbolising their unique attributes and occupational contribution to the new team.



As the group was relatively small (6 people), everybody was assigned a potter’s wheel for the afternoon, and spent the remainder of the session perfecting their technique.


A fantastic and rewarding time was had by all: “I’ll be recommending you to everyone I can think of in the corporate world. We all need more mud in our lives “,commented Helen later.