Regular workshop participant Vanda, puts the final coat of slip onto her snowman kitchen roll holder. As well as finishing off a few pieces from last time, Vanda produced a multitude of ceramic beads. I dare say the world will be seeing some amazing necklaces and bracelets in weeks to come!

The studio was well populated last weekend as no less than 10 guests enjoyed a mixture of throwing and handbuilding on our April weekend workshop. Seven wheels a whirling.One of the youngest participants we’ve ever had on our weekend potter’s wheel workshops. Paige grasped the technique very early on and threw some amazing shapes- a glittering career in clay awaits for sure, if it’s something she wants to do!Hannah, Claire and Michelle, all previous potter’s wheel workshop veterans, returned on Saturday to try their hands at handbuilding. The girls coiled a terracotta owl each for their gardens which will be ready in a few weeks time.


Vin & Connie dropped by this week to pick up their lovely pots they made here in February. (See blog entry date Sunday 22nd February)