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Comrades in clay

Pottery participants enjoy the social aspects of throwing pots together at Eastnor Pottery HerefordshireThere’s nothing quite like throwing pots on the potter’s wheel to bring people together. We enjoy the way complete strangers bond and forge relationships with each other on our weekend and one day workshops.

Participants form a creative and supportive community and although, by its very nature a transient one, the workshops are always a joy and a life affirming environment in which to work.

Here are some pictorial examples of our recent potter’s wheel communities:

30 Sept & 1 Oct Weekend

16 Sept Day

5 & 6 Aug Weekend

Man making pottery on the potter's wheel at Eastnor Pottery in HerefordshireGroup of pottery making participants on a potter's wheel workshop in Herefordshire

Woman making pottery on a potter's wheel course in Herefordshire

Hot potters

learn to make pottery at eastnor pottery beginers guide to making pottery on the pottery wheel at eastnor potteryTraditionally, June is a quiet month for our potter’s wheel weekends and one day workshops as the great British public’s attention is drawn towards the garden and other outside pursuits. Normally, we see a lull in the number of ‘would be potters’ and adjust the frequency of workshops accordingly. Not so this year! June has been as busy as any other month with hoards of participants beating a trail to our door.

We provide a complimentary lunch and participants have really enjoyed picnicking on the Pottery lawn in the Summer sunshine.

Here’s photo evidence of the potting public’s unwavering desire to make pottery in flaming June.

Potter’s wheel weekend 3&4 June 2017

Potter’s wheel weekend 10&11 June 2017

Potter’s wheel day 17 June 2017

All in the planning!

surprise birthday treat for couple to make pottery on the potterywheelHusband and ‘keeper of secrets’ Geoff, arranged for himself and wife Julie to spend the day making pots on the potter’s wheel as a birthday surprise. Julie had always harboured a desire to try the potter’s wheel and we were delighted when Geoff approached us to help fulfil her ambition.

He did such an excellent job of concealing the activity from Julie, even when they were yards from the Pottery she still had no idea of what they were going to be doing for the day.

The pair thoroughly enjoyed their experience and we’re sure we’ll be seeing both of them again in the not too distant future.

Just Married!

recently married couple get messy with clay on a potter's wheel workshop at eastnor pottery in West MidlandsThese guys were on an extended honeymoon when they recently attended one of our potter’s wheel weekend workshops. They quite literally stepped off a plane, into the Pottery and onto the potter’s wheels.

The pair spent a brilliant day with seven other potter’s wheel newbies making loads of terracotta pots, plates and bowls.

The newly weds even found the energy to re-enact  ‘that scene’ from ‘that movie’ – I think you know the one! ;)

nine first time potter's wheel course participants making pots on the potter's wheel

Bee good!

glazed bowls with sgraffito bee designLove the sgraffito work on these bowls made by one of our regular customers.

Rachel attended one of our one day potter’s wheel workshops and as a result, qualified for our £10 an hour, semi-supervised studio rental. So far she’s been back three or four times perfecting her throwing technique and creating some stunning surface decoration.

I don’t think readers will be too surprised to learn that she’s an artist and has an online presence: OldAshArt

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