Potters Wheel Introduction

Over the years we’ve produced a collection of ‘how to do’ videos.

In an attempt to help educate and ‘entertain’ the nations children, we’ve dusted off a few of the ‘better’ (?) ones to post here on our website.

So far Jon the Potter has showed you how to make a clay fish and a coil pot owl. In this, the third in the series he talks you through the process of throwing a pot on the potter’s wheel… You might need a potter’s wheel for this one! Even if you don’t, you cant beat the magic of watching a lump of clay magically transform into a pot on the potter’s wheel.

Enjoy! and if you are lucky enough to own a potter’s wheel, we’d love to see your results. Ping us a pic on TwitterFace Book or Instagram – make sure you tag us in too! We’re @eastnorpottery on most platforms.

aimee workshop facilitator and studio technician at eastnor pottery and the flying potter

aimee workshop facilitator and studio technician at eastnor pottery and the flying potterJob Title: Workshop Facilitator & Studio Technician

Job description: What doesn’t she do! facilitates experiences, care-takes customers work, packs & unpacks kilns, chief wedger and clay prep.

Q1 What do you like doing when you are not working at the Pottery?

Something creative – most recently cross stitch projects or disappearing for an adventure in the Brecon Beacons – with a camera and sketch book.

Q2 What is your favourite song of all time and why?

A Place In This World by Taylor Swift. I find this song really meaningful and quite relatable.

Q3 What is your favourite drink?

Anything with a fruity flavour such as Summer Fruits Squash or a fruity flavoured cider.

Q4 What is your favourite cheese?


Q5 How many pairs of shoes do you own?

14 pairs – more than I thought, I really need a clear out!

Q6 If you were an animal what would it be?



delicate daffodil flower in garden at eastnor pottery in herefordshire

delicate daffodil flower in garden at eastnor pottery in herefordshire

The abundance of daffodils on the Pottery lawn usually heralds the start of the busy season here at Eastnor Pottery. As soon as those delicate yellow petals unfurl, we’re braced for the influx of Spring and Summer visitors – all ages and abilities, keen to experience the delights of the potter’s wheel or learn a new skill. Usually, we are so frantically busy we don’t get to admire the daffodils and revel in the natural beauty of of these amazing flowers.

delicate daffodils in the garden at eastnor pottery in the spring sunshine

interactive ceramic fish designed for water play by artist jon williams

Jon’s been busy making new work for an exhibition entitled ‘Making Histories’ scheduled to have opened 20 March 2020 at Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum.

He was one of seven contemporary ceramic artists from the across the Midlands, invited to respond to the Museum’s diverse collection of ceramics. All commissioned artists were to exhibit new work alongside some of the historical objects which inspired them. Then COVID-19 hit!

Needless to say, the Gallery closed and the exhibition cancelled, not before the exhibitions team had spent weeks installing the show.

Undeterred, the team at Leamington have been working incredibly hard to make the exhibition available online. And here it is! – a video complete with commentary by exhibitions curator Lily Crowther.

the baked bean company logo london

Although this is not strictly pottery related, we have a vested interest in this heartwarming and life affirming fitness video – it’s our daughter who is facilitating the session :) #proudparents

This is a fun workout to try at home even if you don’t have limited mobility.