a fine pottery tortoise made at Eastnor PotteryBack in the Summer during a particularly busy period, we somehow managed to muddle up a couple of customers fired pieces. A family from Worcester were disappointed to find one of their pottery pieces had morphed from a tortoise into a little brown owl.

After a process of elimination, we’d worked out the swap had occured with a large hen party who had made a menagerie of different creatures. After a succession of emails and a period of 6 months the tortoise was returned to the Pottery by one of the hens who was able to give a detailed account of the tortoise’s journey:

“He has been fired, been to a country wedding in Leominster, spent 4 months living in Birmingham with some newly weds and a rugby player, was taken on holiday to the Norfolk Broads then spent a week in a farmhouse in North Wales before being left in a box wrapped in bubble paper back at Eastnor. What an adventure for a tortoise so young! Maybe he should write a book.”

Maybe he should! Anyway, I’m pleased to report that maker and tortoise have finaly been reunited. (featured photo)

Mountain of modelled clay food at Flavours of Herefordshire Festival 2013I get to share some wonderful clay moments on brilliant arts projects and events all over the country. Partners and organisations often blog about the experiences or post related stuff online.

Here are a couple of recent articles posted by Just So Festival and Discover & Explore

Lottie & Beth start production of the clay mud runner medalsEach year we make well over 3500 pottery medals for the amazing Mudrunner Classic event organised by D3 Active.

The ‘race’ takes place on Sunday 19th October here on the idyllic Eastnor Castle Estate and takes in some of the most challenging off-road terrain in the country. The route is regularly used by Landrover to test their vehicles and makes for some hilarious running conditions as you can well imagine.

We always slip & slide our way around the course and this year there will be three of us running so please keep your eye out for Team EP!

Tactile ceramic sculpture by Jon WilliamsThose nice people at Experience Days interviewed me for their blog recently. They got me considering how and why I ended up making pottery here on the beautiful Herefordshire Eastnor Castle Estate.


Castlemorton Primary School Show Garden at RHS Malvern Spring ShowGood luck and well done to to Castlemorton Primary School who created a magnificent, #space themed show-garden at the RHS Malvern Spring Show.

Ethan and myself worked with the whole school a couple of months ago helping each child make a clay footprint. The fired pieces are incorporated into the grand design and look blooming great.

You have the rest of today and tomorrow to visit the Show and marvel at the children’s hard work and creativity.