Jon the Potter at Ledbury Primary School Nursery

Pleased as punch to be back at LPS working with the children and staff in the Nursery. This is the fourth year in succession we have run the project exploring language and communication within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) via the medium of clay. Parents and carers are also encouraged to stay and work with their children.Create shapes in clay at Ledbury Primary School NurseryEastnor Pottery with Ledbury Primary School Nursery

The sessions have proved extremely successful, growing in popularity with parents year by year. The first session this time around was no exception and we had a full house of young potters and their significant grown ups making clay pizza, cakes and pottery monsters.

Here are a few nuggets of conversation:

“my clay is cold”

cherry pizza….I like our pizzas…..snake cherry and splat pizza”

 “I’ve made a little cake…I’m going to make my big cake…..I need one more cherry….You cant eat the mud!…one cherry squished…How did you cut your cake like a pizza?”

Interesting shapes after Ledbury Primary School Nursery workshop


Eastnor Pottery and the Flying Potter at Washwood Heath Nursery

The first week at Nursery School can be quite a step for both child and parent. Washwood Nursery School in Birmingham have a caring and innovative approach to help ease the transition from from home to nursery life.

Staff invite parents and carers to remain in school, but in a separate hall whilst the children have their first sessions in the classroom. If a child is too upset, it means the adults are not too far away to offer solace. Craft activities (basket making and pottery to name but two) are offered to the parents to keep them occupied.

The grown-ups are always appreciative and comment on the therapeutic and calming effects of working with the artists and their materials. Some of them attend repeatedly even if their child has well adjusted to the new routine.

Some of the dads who are reluctant at first, soon get involved, particularly enjoying the potter’s wheel and the competitive potential. Comparing his work with another dad, one beaming parent proclaimed:

“Mine will last centuries – yours will last only decades!”

Happy Clay Baby at Just So Festival with Eastnor Pottery and The Flying PotterHad so much fun working with the youngest festival goers attending the brilliant Just So festival over the weekend. For the past 5 years, Lottie and myself have provided sensory, exploratory and very, very messy clay play sessions for the under 4’s and their families. We hope you enjoy these marvellously mucky snaps from this year’s festival and of course a whopping great big thank you to all of you who came to visit us. Great to catch up with the regulars too!!

Jon with clay babies




Young Hands Making Clay DogEarly Hurly Burly is an amazing music and early year’s project that’s been taking place in libraries across x9 Counties. We’ve been privileged to be involved in this innovative venture offering music inspired clay sessions for youngsters and their parents in Worcestershire and Herefordshire libraries.

Early Hurly Burley Humpty Dumpty Model
The sessions have been organic in nature progressing in directions inspired and driven by the participants. We’ve been singing, moving and making clay objects with children as young as 18 months – worms, biscuits and other clay culinary delights inspired by familiar nursery rhymes and songs. Great fun!

Large creation with Early Hurly Burley

Collaborative clay cooking pots made by children at Brearley and Teviot Nursery School in BrumDelighted to be back working with the lovely children and staff at Brearley & Teviot Nursery School in Birmingham. We spent a creative and productive day working outside in the Spring sunshine making collaborative, terracotta cooking vessels.

Once the children’s work has been fired and glazed they will get to cook proper food in them during their forest school sessions in the great outdoors.

Details of work undertaken by Jon the Potter in EYFS settings across the West Midlands.