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Washwood stories in clay

Eastnor Pottery at Washwood primary School working with the Students and ClayLanguage and communication are a vital part of Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) learning. In a successful attempt to engage families, Washwood Heath Nursery School invited parents into school to work with their children with clay. Inspiration came from what the children were making and the stories that emerged whilst they worked with the material. The resulting clay objects were fired, glazed and used as a resource for further story telling

The Sense in clay

JDeaf-Blind Sense Group at Eastnor Pottery working with Clayon recently took part in a lovely project with Sense, a national charity supporting and campaigning for people who are deafblind and those with sensory impairments. He worked with participants at Eastnor Pottery and at The Garden Room in Sandwell.

Clay is such an accessible material, whatever the age or ability, participants can make their mark. Everybody who took part in the project reacted positively to the material, even those who were tactile defensive, ended up coated in thick glorious slip.

Here’s what Sense made of the experience.


Bromsberrow daffodils

Eastnor Pottery leading clay workshop making daffodils in Bromsberrow

We continue to be involved in The Moment Centenary Project, enabling members of the public to contribute to a field of pottery daffodils.

Sarah set up a mobile pottery studio in Bromsberrow Village Shop a few weeks back and spent a busy morning helping local residents make their blooms.

The Moment Centenary Project is aiming to celebrate the history of the area during the years 1914 to 1918 and would love to hear family memories of that time, collate a history of local events and people and gather them together.

As a part of this, the daffodil project was created to remember those who lost their lives in WW1 and to celebrate the heritage of our area.

The daffodils will be displayed on two dates in March – on Saturday, 19th March at Kempley (at the church or by the memorial on Kempley Green), and on Saturday, 26th March at Dymock on Wintours Green.  This area has always been famed for its daffodils and what better way for us to create our own field.  Please come along and see the memorial display.

for further information about the project contact: or telephone 01531 890385


The Centenary Daffodil Project

Sarah & Jack visited Ann Cam Primary School in Dymock to work with class 4 and members of the wider community. The children and adults made some wonderful daffodils as part of the Moment Centenary Project.

Dymock Ann Cam Primary School with Eastnor Pottery

The Daffodils will be displayed at the Dymock War Memorial to commemorate the soldiers who didn’t return from the battlefields. The Gloucester Citizen came and took photos.

if you would like to participate in the the daffodil project, you can make one at Eastnor Pottery for just ten pounds. Simply book a place by telephoning 01531 633886. The Pottery is open 10am-4pm Tuesday – Saturday.

Early Hurly Burly Clay

Young Hands Making Clay DogEarly Hurly Burly is an amazing music and early year’s project that’s been taking place in libraries across x9 Counties. We’ve been privileged to be involved in this innovative venture offering music inspired clay sessions for youngsters and their parents in Worcestershire and Herefordshire libraries.

Early Hurly Burley Humpty Dumpty Model
The sessions have been organic in nature progressing in directions inspired and driven by the participants. We’ve been singing, moving and making clay objects with children as young as 18 months – worms, biscuits and other clay culinary delights inspired by familiar nursery rhymes and songs. Great fun!

Large creation with Early Hurly Burley

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