happy potters displaying their coloured pots made on a pottery weekend at eastnor pottery

Say hello to Leigh and Kate who recently participated on one of our Potter’s Wheel Weekend Courses.

Once we got chatting, it was clear both were going to make excellent potters! Leigh practically has clay running through his veins…

His grandad had been one of the last ‘Firemen’ to attend to the very last bottle kiln firing in Stoke on Trent. In fact, when the kiln was decommissioned, Gladstone Pottery Museum asked him if he would like to be employed to fire their bottle kiln as part of their exhibition program. He naturally declined having spent a lifetime loading and unloading bottle kilns, it was the last thing he fancied doing in retirement!

Leigh’s Grandmother was employed as a packer for Beswick and his Aunty was a guilder for Wedgewood.

weekend pottery course participant handles the clay

Kate grew up in Cornwall and has associations with the creative community in St Ives – home of revered 20th Century potter and writer Bearnard Leach.


No pressure then when they took to the wheels…

husband and wife weekend pottery participants at eastnor pottery

They certainly lived up to our expectations and took to the wheel like ducks to water. Oh, and it appears they are both a bit of a whiz with needle and thread too. They lovingly made their aprons especially for the weekend course.

pottery course participants scratch a monogram into the base of a pot