group of children sat around table taking part in a hand clay modelling session

Big thank you to all the lovely potters who took part in our GLAMPING clay modelling sessions for families. You’re all clay superstars and your creations are going to look so cool once they emerge from the kiln. Lovely to catch-up with Bubbles Nursery too!

blue plastic with 15 squared lumps of clay on toptable with round wooden boards and children's chairs surrounding ready for a clay modelling session


clay hand modeled tepee surrounded with multicoloured bunting and red heart on top of door with a green base

clay hand modeled lady with ornage hair, purple top and green bottomclay hand modeled tepee red and blue with person sat on a chair, fire and a white dog

mother with son and daughter embracing next to clay creations made at eastnor pottery

hand modeled clay tree with a green base

child's hand holding painting brush, painting a purple hand modelled camper van made from clay

clay hand modeled tepee with green base, fire and white chairpurple camper van with a yellow flower on the side, with a green base and white rabbit, hand modeled with clay

child holding pink 10th birthday baloon next to clay creation made at eastnor pottery2 adults and 2 children stood outside pottery holiding 10th birthday baloon and trays with their clay creations made at eastnor pottery

hand clay model depicting a glamping scene created by a child and painted with under glaze

selection of modeled clay painted with glazes, create by children with glazes in the background

child's hand holding up clay creation of a lady inside a sleeping bag painted orange, white, pink, yellow and bluetable with pots of glazes and water with paintbrushes inside after a clay modelling session