mother and daughter attending weekend pottery course

Meet our exceptionally creative Mother and Daughter makers of the week – Jean and Elizabeth! The pair took part on a recent Potter’s Wheel Weekend Course and volunteered to be our Makers of the Week!

Why did you visit the pottery?

J: “Originally it was a birthday present – we have done a few classes together in the past, one making Christmas wreaths! We wanted to do something together and more than anything, make a memory.”

What do you do when you’re not potting?

E: “The family business! Mum set up her interior design business 38 years ago, and now I’ve taken up the reins. Mum still takes an active role but in more of a semi-retired capacity.”

Jean, a self taught sewer started out with a single singer sewing machine! (Easy for us to say!) She describes herself as ‘soft furnishing assembler’ and built the business solely on reputation and word of mouth. Elizabeth took over 6 years ago, and quickly made a name for herself working with architects and businesses to create fantastic interiors.

What’s the best bit about your pottery experience?

J: “Unlike past experiences we’ve taken part in, this offers us the chance to take something home that reminds us of our lovely time here at the studio.  After day one we left with big smiles on our faces – we thought and talked about our pots all night and were very excited to come back for day two. We have created a memory and something we’ll never forget…..the pots are a bonus!”

Thank you Jean and Elizabeth! :) we loved having you around the Pottery and your ‘memories’ will be posted to you as soon as they’re out of the kiln

lady participating in pottery weekend course placing her pots in display
pottery piece created on weekend pottery course

lady smiling at the pots she created on weekend pottery coursepots painting with splatting technique at weekend pottery course